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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

women's day 09

before i never knew about women's day
but here,russian people do celebrated it
more than V day
i guess,they do appreciated their women..hehe
anyway,here wat beskut gv me..
sweet aint it?

i love this sweet little gurl more than a mere rose..
they last more den jus a week
and so damn cute wif those mandarins hanging like dat..
anyway,after dat we went dinner wif my groupie
at a korean restaurant

ok,here some of them busying theirself grilling the meat
no,only them can use the grill
so kesian for us..can only eat seafood,ramen n egg noodles..

here is the pakcik while he grilling the squid for us..
blk tu,we all smells like sate..haha

the food tasted yummy actually..wasnt too bad for a non vegetarian eater like us..

beskut,me,tiqa n hilman..
yep,die mmg quite abnormal..hahaha!!


while waiting for our food..

n oso dat day we got a besday boy
no,his not sissy..or is he??

n lastly,our whole groupie together wif their "spouses"
hahaha..nice day indeed...
plus got to buy tahu/taufu from the shop
i so wanna buy their spoon n bowl!!!!