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Sunday, March 1, 2009

berita gumbira dari meja KKM

Final: Summer Attachment Predicament

The Dean of Foreign Students has met with RMSA representatives and said that although he understands our predicament, the school cannot accept the suggestions we made concerning our attachments in Moscow. Thus, it is not possible to perform attachments after classes, on weekends or during winter.

The reason he stated is that there are “curators” in-charge of students during their attachments who will only be available in the month of July. Postponing our attachments to 5th year summer is also not allowed as we will need to have performed it before the 5th year state exam.

The school already has a complete system in place and we have to comply with it. They are fully equipped and ready to enroll us. The duration of the attachment varies for each year as such:

  • 2nd year: 4 weeks (144 hours)
  • 3rd year: 4 weeks (144 hours)
  • 4th year: 6 weeks (216 hours – 3 cycles)

In order to help Malaysian students finish quickly, the school will allow the start of the attachment to begin right after the final exam according to the official timetable. The Dean has also said that he will try his best to ensure that all attachments be completed by 1st August 2009, allowing us 1 month’s holiday.

All foreigners will have to apply for a “Medical book” before being allowed to perform summer attachments here. A medical book is essentially a medical report including analysis for tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis, Measles Vaccine, blood and urine etc. Talks are being conducted with Loid-City Insurance Company so that we can acquire our individual books at a discounted price. Applying for the book takes 2 weeks and costs around 2000 rubles.

We do not have to submit our names for the attachments as it is now compulsory for all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Malaysian students to conduct it in Moscow. We will be placed into groups of 5 or 6 and in different hospitals in Moscow. The groupings will be out at a later date.

RMSA advises you to be prepared to make changes, especially to your flight tickets. Also, take this few months to work on your spoken Russian, as it will be very useful during your attachments. Please post relevant questions in the comments section.

Practical forms can be found here.

ADDIT: The Dean and Vice Deans of the Deanery will hold a meeting with the respective courses (2nd, 3rd, 4th) some time next week. RMSA will release the details once we receive confirmation from the Deanery.

In this meeting, the Dean will give a thorough explanation to all regarding this summer practical issue, and you will also be able to ask questions. Therefore, all students of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years must work together with your year representatives to prepare your points for this meeting. The meeting will be separate for each of your respective years and will be held after class hours.

RMSA Academic Bureau

such things do happen in real life

wen u already plan everytin beautifully

here come the "gud" news

staying in moscow for 6 weeks??during summer holiday??

doing attachement in russian hospital??

my final reaction upon dis "gud" news...M.E.H!

coz notin can undone anytin..

so by all means,i do wanna say....

tq Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia...