..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Sunday, July 31, 2011

ramadhan ( >,<)

wishing everyone a happy ramadhan!
ramadhan....tarawikh,early breakfast ( sahur..hehe),lailatul qadar  and bubur lambuk..

Friday, July 29, 2011

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System..love!

yay! got a new toy!
which i loveee very much.
its an Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System.
been waiting for it to arrives for ages..till i actually i forgot bout it..
bought it from amazon,don't know what happened.but alas,its here! wee!!
price is $29.90,shipping is $13.90. bit expensive for me.
but compared to clarisonic,this is much3 better.
i read that sephora malaysia sell clarisonic for rm8++?
no way,not in  this life will i buy that.hehe..

before,i used an automatic toothbrush.
you know,the one that spin by itself..
but not for my teeth.for my face.
the effect is kinda same,but the brush is too small.
the olay brush,is soo soft.

anyway,excuse me...i want  need to wash my face.again.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

adik sy ...

do you see the likeness?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


nadia - msk x sedap!
nadia - selfish,buat kje umh pn nk berkire
nadia - kacau mi pun x rata
nadia - slalu abeskn duit je keje
nadia - bju raye size xxxxxxxl je baru muat
nadia - knp mls sgt nk msk
nadia - kms kn bilik adk2
nadia - awk la yg ajr adk2 berjalan xsudah
nadia - annoying sgt suh org buat keje2 umh
nadia - g byr bil2 umh,g bnk sane sini,tp kad bnk pulngkn cepat
nadia - bodoh bli kete mhl2,tp pnjm jap

and here im wondering why im getting fat every day.hahaha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

piece by piece

First of all must go
Your scent upon my pillow
And then I'll say goodbye
To your whispers in my dreams
And then our lips will part
In my mind and in my heart
Cause your kiss
Went deeper than my skin

Piece by piece
Is how I'll let go of you
Kiss by kiss
Will leave my mind one at a time
One at a time

First of all must fly
My dreams of you and I
There's no point in holding on to those
And then our ties will break
For your and my own sake
Just remember
This is what you chose

Piece by piece
Is how I'll let go of you
Kiss by kiss
Will leave my mind one at a time
One at a time

I'll shed like skin
Our memories of lazy days
And fade away the shadow of your face

Piece by piece
Is how I'll let go of you
Kiss by kiss
Will leave my mind one at a time
One at a time
One at a time
One at a time


love the lyric
love the melodies
this is what i meant when i said arrange all the words beautifully...

Friday, July 8, 2011

me the scribbler

not everyone can be a writer
but as soon as they press enter
everyone is free to express their self openly
but sometimes,there are things that are better left unsaid
or even if its interesting enough to be shared with the world
if u cant delivered it well
than there is no meaning in sharing it at all
you just left people wondering,questioning "what does he trying to said?"

i love to write
its like a puzzle
you arrange words after words after words until it become one full sentence.
but i sucks at grammar.really bad.hahaha
no need to use unfamiliar words that you yourselves don't understand
atrocious does sounds better than brutal
but which one is easier to understand?
unless you're a native speaker in said language
use simple - easy - to - understand words
and arrange them beautifully one by one
and if there's any doubt
google always willing to help.hehe..

i wish i could write beautifully in russian and arabic
means - to be able to compose a poem
both  are such beautiful languages
and too bad that i only wrote well when i'm down or sad
that's my inspiration starter i guess
and that's  also why beskut said that all my post are kinda depressed

i wish i could write better in happy tones
i abhor ignoramus writers
yet i cant walk away

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nadia si curly fries

rambut sy dh mcm afro.at least afro ok gk kot..
ni bottom half straight
upper half crinkle mcm kentng kerinting
need to go to hair saloon asap
tp kemalasan itu lg hebat dr keinginan utk dpt rmbut cntik
bkn ape,pergi saloon tu memerlukan ongkos
dan mase yg berjam jam..haishh..
and paling xsuke if time shampu,smpu gurl tu berkuku pnjng..
mau rs perit scalp lepas tu..
pernah sekali kne,den pastu sy mk sure yg shmpu gurl berkuku pendek
pernah smpi amoi tu merajuk sbb sy mntk tukar org len..
sorri,sy xnk scalp luke2..xble nk tmpal plaster!

dan muke pn,time nih la jerawat n white head nk tumbuh dgn segarnye
trauma ler g facial
sakit hokey biler awek cine tu korek2 nk kuarkn white head
sambil mulut die becok suh tmbh pekej beli itu ini
x geti2 diam plk tu
baik2 facial 2 jam,jd smpi 4 jam sbb die non stop ckp
dh ckp xnk pn, xgeti2 nk bg org blk
bisnes ape mcm tu.
trus mls dh nk g..so,jgn tertipu yer rkn2..
terutama NB beauty kt angsana and sekitar jb.
patutla byk branch,sume tu hasil pakse clients la tu..
chrge rm10 utk 2 sponge hrge rm2.
desyum kang baru tau

tu la ssh jd pompuan ni
asal if lelaki,xshave bulu ketiak pun,ok jer bkk bju msk tv plk tu.
cube pomp? de ingrow hair pn org dh ckp ewww..
pnt tau x nk maintain !
bulu kaki ni,mau 7,8 kali veet sebulan if nk kekal licin x berbulu
kalau wax kurng sikit la..tp pedih nyer..
time consuming gk tu..
x,sy xpki skirt pendek..sy just suke kaki x berbulu
sy sndr yg rimas if kaki berbulu mcm lelaki..
if anda jns xkisah,xpela..
feel free utk be au naturel

or meni pedi..mhl woo skrg..
meni jer rm45?
huhu..nyesal giler time tu..dh la pki brng2 yg dh uzur
mau sj kne mrh 
charge mhl2 tp nail filer pn dh x tajam
tp di sabar kan aje hati
watpe siap suh rendam tangan dgn anti bacterial ( air suam + dettol )
tp pki barang2 yg clearly x di sterilize kn?
bile ingat2 balik,rs seram sejuk...
mne tau client b4 tu ade hep c ke....

so,this is the price of beauty..
im clearly xler dlm kategori cantik
tp kekdng gedix gk nk wat bnde2 feminine skali skale
hehe..lg2 if ade yg melayan
en beskut plak rajin offer suh g buat mcm2 and meneman
beruntung wooo...sy syg sama itu olang! 
pasni xde dh orng nk meneman
xper la..( smbil menangis sob3 kt sudut bilik )
stay gorgeous ladies!