..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Monday, February 23, 2009


my all time feveret anime
would be 0ne piece
no question bout it!
specially wen brook joined d crew..
jus hoping dis will neva end!!
389 epi and counting!!!

yep,dis is brook..kawaiiiii...^_^

Saturday, February 21, 2009

petite gateau n moscow fluffy morning

i woke up this morning 

with this view

breathtaking ain't it?

picture was taken from beskut window

ground covered with white fluffy snow ~_ ~

as my morning filled with such love 

decided to bake some cupcake

choc cupkek wif cream cheese frosting.yummyyyyyy...

sprinkled with some lemony candy..

cant get enuf of these bad boyzz..hahaha

Monday, February 16, 2009

summer plan

just decided..
for my summer holiday
im going to travel tru out malaysia peninsula
backpacker style!!
hahaha!!yep,my new travel motto..
no more wheeled luggage
no more shopping x ingat dunia
(shopping till u drop is soooooo not true for me..)
need to start savings,planning,etc..
as im going alone..hehe..
so gurls,get ready for my xmalu face
as im going to knock ur house doors
asking to stay for d nite..hehe

kisah aku dan ikan

seems like year's ago mkn ikan kat cni
so last time went to Ащан (Ashan)
bought dis curious looking fish
mainly bcoz dis is d only fish dat im not afraid to look at
hahaha..apenye ank dara la aku ni..
plus im more a chicken person
so dats explain everytin eh?hehe..

the labels said скумбрия ( skumbria )
so i googled it
ahaha..mackerel..wat d heck is mackerel?even in bm oso makerel
so to be safe
i decided to just grill these guys in oven
after "surgery",washed,lumurkan wif salt + lemon juice
to get rid the fishy smell..
den marinated wif sambal
grill bout 20 - 25 mins
better safe den sorry..

yes during surgery im afraid wif them
cant stand the slippery-ness - fishiness - having eyes cretures
looking at me
aym ne de mate time bli?

here is d after result
doesn't look too gud izit?
trust me....these guys tastes better den i tot
tq daling..for reconciling my lurve wif ur species..0_0

p/s:later i emel d pic to ibu..ahaha..ikan kembung rupe2nye..pttla familiar je rs..keke

not - so - romantic - dinner

not really a special V-day dinner
jus a normal day dinner
but decided to dress it up a bit
heck,its not even a dinner..
coz its 4pm wen we ate

menu from last nite
jus easy peasy ordinary spageti wif shredded cheddar
(cant seem to find parmesan from nearby shop)
marinated ciken wings,grilled
garlic bread..not in pic,coz still in oven
n bubbly pear..nope,its not champagne
haha...as if!

view dkt ckit

the drink rs cam antibiotik..seyesly
so i combine mine wif ginger ale
and beskut's wif sprite..
both taste better den d original 1
no roses.poem or other yucky stuff for us..
i guess we grew bored wif each other..hehehe..

try combine 100% oren jus + sprite 2:1 portion.seyes bes..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

wishing u...

eppy V day for all my lurvely gurls~
may dis bring happiness in ur days onward..
lurve ya all!!
xOXo ^_^

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

kenapa kau menghilangkan dirimu??

CSI Vegas without Gil Grissom
is like...

tdo tp xpki bantal & simut
makan nasi tp xde lauk
mandi tp xpki sabun
tgk drama nipon tp xde subtitle
ikn bkr tp x cecah sambal kicap....

xde umphhh..
xde feel...

hati aku kecewa..=(

ice,ice n ice

i just discover a tricks
on how to walk on icy,slippery road
not dat i dun like to see how blue the sky is..
its jus,the "after effect" is wat i hate..haha
( skt bdn + myb terseliuh kaki + malu gile thp dewa)
the trick is..
to walk quickly but in small steps
try to walk beside anyone
so dat if u slipped,u got sum1 to hold to
my fevret choice..of coz la beskut..hehe
amazingly,he neva fall even once..
pelik tapi benar.. ?_?

p/s: baru sedar byk kesalahan tatabahasa dalam semua post.baik dlm bahasa melayu ataupun bahasa inggeris.pesanan saya....abaikan je.. 0_0

Sunday, February 8, 2009

..snowboarding kununnye..

went for snowboarding on wednesday
been snowing hard
just wanted to try it once in my life
ne la tau sng kan..
if sng,myb next time ble g lg..haha
at least,dats wat i tot

there are 7 of us
here we are waiting for bus
to yugo-zapadnaya

after trn from bus
need to walk sum more
jauh gak la..coz my kaki freezing oledi at dis point
even pki stokin 2lps pn.
we arrived around 5pm
seb bek smpt amek gmbr time cerah lg

me and aan

placing our boots,or shoes,or wateve la they kol dis thing
damn berat loo..

ok,blum pape dh posing..haha
needless to say..i cant even get up
after attaching the boots to the board
if i do managed to stand up..trus slide g bwh
so much for making this as a hobbies..
beskut n others terer kot..cet..
geram je tgk mereka poyo2 terer..haha
i played for 1 hour,den excused myself
sejuk gile + xlarat dh nk jatuh tersembam ats snow

shud i say more?
pic taken after i fall down..hehe
all and all..do enjoy the day
myb nxt time try skiing plak
eventho they say,ski lg ssh dr snowboard
xksh la..
once in a life time kan??
peace out baby!!d next day we all skt2 bdn..nk gelak pn skt..haha

Thursday, February 5, 2009

shopping spree..or not?

my last week of vacation.
need to spent it wisefully!
so on wednsdy v decided to go shopping ( again??!! )
no,no,no..dis time i really do need
a new gloves n winter boots
so do beskut..his gloves got holes oledi..hehe
see the snow?
cant stand it...yep,b4 i do wish for more snow
but now..emmm..
dh cukup kot..

v went to evropski mall at kievskaya
below u can see my pic in front of kievskaya train st
if wanna go to st.petersburg by train
here is the station

now,beskut infront of the mall
not snowing
but its -14 at dat time!

i just lurveeee sakura tree..
xksh la plastik o not.ahaha..

well..sale nearly at all stores!!
50% - 70%!!
but still cant find what i really want..ehem..needs..
jus bought a light jacket for beskut from pull & bear
and adik prezent from topshop
notin for me??yep..haha..
i oso dun believe myself..

Monday, February 2, 2009

planeta sushi

havent been out from hostel one whole day
mainly coz now the weather was soo damn cold
even wif extra layers of jacket n lmk pun (ahaha)
still rs sejuk gak
but we decided to go out that evening
went to новые черемушки [ novi ceremushki ]
for some electronics
then ate at планета суши [ planeta sushi ]

the chopsticks wif its name..

sushi wif gari & wasabi
doesnt like the taste of the california roll
but the ebi was delighful

японская сказка [ yiponskaya skazka]
or japanese fairytales
fluffy white rice wif
shitake mushroom
marinated in teriyaki sauce
slices into bite sized
then sprinkle wif chilli flakes
totally yummy!!
aiseh..perut melapar plak..
hehehe ^_^

control bfore start digging..haha

beskut eppy dpt mkn..hehe..