..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

miss my mummy & daddy

i just realized about this moments ago
my life sucks w/o ibu & baba
this is the first time they ever leave us for soo long
before,im the one whose not at home
yeah,its kinda rocks that we have no curfew n all
tp sy still blk b4 kul 12
xmcm wktu ibu baba de kt umh
kalo bole,lg lmbt blk,lg best..
i guess,the more they say Dont or No to me,the more degil i become.
but once i've got the freedom..its mean notin much really.

despite ibu pesan suh msk tiap2 ari
sy bru msk2kli je dlm ms 11 ari ni.tu pn goreng ikn n sayur.
and wat fried udon.and i,ended up wif diarrhea yg xtau dr ne puncenye..hahaha
oopss..too much info!
esok kne msk la..pnt dh mkn luar..rite now,ns pns and telur goreng mate mkn wif jeruk bacang mmg sgt2 menggiurkn.....lg2 nnk de wat kn acar buah..pehh..melapar plk rsnye..hehe

rs idup xtentu arh xde mereka..biase pg2 kul 6 baba akn kol suh solat subuh.
yes,he kol one of us..canggih kn ayhande sy?hehe..if xbgn gk,or xdgr bunyik air..die akn nek ats..time tu mmg siap la pntu kne gndang dgn kuat..naseb la kn..spe suh xnk bgn time 1st warning..hehe

tp yg syoknye,sutun kne g skola sndr skrg..if before,tiap2 pg nk suh baba hntr.pdn muke sutun!besnyer..if anda rs sy kejam,anda ptt lihat jarak dr umah ke sek ok..xsmpi 15min jln..die sgt2 gedix bile baba ade..skrg baba ibu xde,die gedix dgn sy plk..haish..rimas!

ibu baba..cptla blk..i mish u both soo much.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

chernobyl no more

yes,times will HEAL everything
thank you for all my frens
specially anis & piah..and absolutely abbo
lap u gurls soo muchh!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

driving me krazee

i keep repeating this to myself

i don't need an iphone 4
i don't need an iphone 4
i don't need an iphone 4!

I've been telling this again and again since maxis launched it
please! its been like a torture in my mind!haha!!