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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

applying make up using your fingers

lately rs mls sesgt utk makeup bile keluar.not that its so damn important.but i do try to at least..the very least ..paling tidak..sekurang kurangnye..WEAR A LIPSTICK.period.bibir pucat is a BIG no-no.oh,and also chapped lips.urghhh!

tapi rs membazir plak bile xpakai bile dh beli ..ahaha..for me,shopping make up,mcm shopping candy.menggembirakan...lg2 bile tgk rows and rows of eye shadows and lipsticks and lip glosses.lg2 kat beneFit..ouh,rs xmahu balik!hehehe...

anyway,here sy nk share a bit tricks.apply makeup menggunakan jari jemari runcing anda sekalian..selalunye sy mls nk mk up sbb mls nk pki berus2 tu...1 berus utk 1 function? pfffttt...

i know2..maybe its a bit un hygenic.tp basuhla dulu tgn bersih2 ye b4 start.itu penting! katakan tidak pada tembel!

so here goes :

sy gune 3 jari tgh ( index,middle & ring ) utk apply foundation.if i do use it.slalunye xpki,so skip it.

  • thumb : gunakan utk sapu lebihan lipstick yg kuar dari line bibir
  • index : sy gunakan utk apply eyeshadow,or wat smokey eyes dgn gunakan eyeliner.
  • middle : utk ratakan lipstick.after apply from tube,ratakan dgn jari,tekap dgn tisu,and apply skali lagi                   utk lasting effect.
  • ring : gunakan utk apply concealer pd dark eye circles..or bile nk apply eye cream.dab lightly
  • pinky : jarang gune pinky finger..sbb slalunye sy make up cober basic je.hehe..tp kekdng if pki high light kat brow bone,hidung and dagu.sy akn apply pki jari ni.

owh,lupe plak..sy gunakn kabuki brush utk apply compact powder and blusher..ni xble nk gunakn jari..hehehe..

so,hrp2 lepas ni sume rjn2 la ber make up k!

have a gorgeous day! smooches!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Agus Taman Universiti

cube teka ini ape?
pertama kali di serve dlm mngkuk
pelik sikit

telur bistik ayam dan kacang panggang..

 daging masak masam manis

gado gado 

jawapan pada persoalan di ats ialah.........

cikong! tepuk2!

makan malam kat restoren Agus
Taman Universiti
Nice place,good food,great price!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

hey you..

hey you
yes you
i heart you
with every ounce of my life
with every quarrel that we had
with every remarks that i make
im sorry coz i can't be predicted
one seconds im nice
the next im otherwise

but you
yeah you
could still  keep smiling
at this crazy up and downs
because u heart me u said
because im not that bad
because you dont want me to be sad

still you
yeah you
people said to run far away
you still  here and stay
you hold my hands and say
your heart never gone astray
you're mine forever i pray

hey you
yes you
this love is for you
and im yours forever too...

that's cafe johor bahru

im full & im super lazy rite now..
so here goes....

sutun --> budak pki tudung x matching..hahaha

kiwi yogurt smoothies....rm 9.90 ( X_X ) but super yummy!
..bunge biru sekadar hiasan..

the interior deco..see.. i heart old junks!

sutun's fish and chips.rm 16.90....nice crispy crunchy exterior.

chicken chop rm16.90 also.delish! love the tender juicylicious chicken...

chicken pasta i think....rm 12.++ ......my opinion? booooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! so do not order this peeps...the gravy is too thin.and a bit under salted.

too bad i didn't bring my camera tonight..oh well...maybe next time..hehe....

total damage for 3 eaters? rm 60.++ ... do not worry,they don't over charge their soft drinks..rm3 per can,is reasonable rite?situated at the deserted - during - night - road,jalan dhobby..it provides a really nice quiet ambiance.perfect for date for two!

also after dinner,we went to bazaar jb not far away from the cafe.nothing special there,just a lot of stalls selling a lot of stuffs.oh,but i bought a super kawaii owl ring! score!

and on the way back from the bazaar,i saw this....

gray,black and red..awwww!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monsta cafe,nusa bestari

yesterday we went to hv a bruchea ( breakfast + lunch + tea ) at monsta cafe..
hahahaha..like the word brunchea? i just made it up seconds ago..lol!
anywy,been wanting to go to this cafe,but dunno why i kept putting it off before
than i saw a voucher selling at rm17.70 per person at mydeal.com
super cheap for a whole set of meal of appetizer,main dish and a lemon tea.
so,here we are..

omg,the ambiance is super cute and cool!!
love it to the max!!

sutun la paling kepoci nk amek gmbr sane sini...duh..

rarrrrr! menu pn comel!!! ( org pgg menu lg giler comel!! wahaha)

some old toys

sutun & comel..hahaha

this is beauty pool i think...rm7.90..taste like slurpee..so,nothing much...

mushroom soup. love it! its been a while since i went to a restaurant and they served homemade mushroom soup.not from a campbels's box..yummy3...

fish sambal and rice.the sambal is ok...again,nothing fancy..rm7.90

coleslaw salad...refreshingly delicious..

this is from the set....lamb chop,love the lamb,cuts like butter..drroolll.....

and chicken honey glazed...i think this is just ok..
sue me,im a bit prejudiced after the lamb..haha

give it a try,a good place to hang out or maybe for a birthday party bash...hurmm
that does sounds good! hehe...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the talcum stories

its crazy i know.
if guys wondering why us gurls have too many stuffs.here's why...

Aiken : medicated talc,when i've got hives and itches...immediate relieve! 
Pink J&J : for body and face talcum - on lazy days and after shower.love the smell!
Green J&J : for cooling effect...specially at night
Bedak Sejuk : i use it as a foundation.rm5 for 3 bottles? bargain!
mac : my home compact for early morning make up.
silky smooth : for touch up through out the day.belong in my make up pouch
the last one : i admit it..i bought this coz its cute..oopps!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Designer fabrics..love!

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