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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

spring -----> dtg la cepat!!

its spring already
the ice is melting
but the air still crisp 
and sumtimes may be a bit too windy
so i change my blog templates
just due to the season
gedix tahap karma x?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

donut / поньчнкн

i've been making donut using variety of recipes
from the 1 printed behind mauri-pan yeast pack
to recipe from yasu's " mari memasak kbsm" cooking book
alas,alton brown's recipe make me roll over
unease and itchy to try and make them.
boy..they were GOOD!
so here is the ingredients..... 

blooming the yeast..
i love the smell
and extremely happy watching bubbles bursts up
wen every fungi breath
beauty aint it?

after kneading..yeah,hand kneaded
it supposed to put at rest for 1 hour
but tk a look wat happened just after a mere 30 mins

it doubled its size!
so springy!so (yeast-y?)!

then come the rolling & cutting part....

the recipe said its yields between 20 - 25 donuts
but look how much i ended up with
and this is only from the 1st batch..
all and all i think
i managed to get around 90 mini sized donuts

the frying process..

the oil-straining process..

the sugaring process..

final result..
ooo..those were the unsugared one
thought about making a glaze
but im out of powdered sugar
anyway,i think im good for now..

check out the recipe at foodnetwork.com
i cant copy paste the recipe here
they got the copy right issues u know..
peace ^_^

moscow metro & whattt???

moscow metro 
for me  is the most efficient public transport
there is in the world
despite its old-style wagon
beautiful station,its always on time
fast and cheap. 

here is konkova station
our home station
dunno y it looks so pretty in pic
wen it actually kinda shabby and dull looking 

long,long,long metro st

and the metro of course  =)
hoping our KTM,Putra,Star or Monorail can be like dis
efficient and on time i mean..

and for the whattt??? section..
reality price check in moscow
will u pay 5390rub/160$/rm580
for these shirt?

or 26190rub / 777$ / rm2811 for these jacket?
hump..typical russian price..
soooo doesnt mk sense..

якитория японская кухня

jus realized
i've been eating out quite a lot lately
i mean..like 2 days in a row
to a same restaurant!
( yakotiria japanese kitchen )
talked about being hooked up..
cant get enuf of the foods here..

glad dat yasu ajak me to eat here d day before
so the next day i forced..ehem2..ajak beskut
to have dinner here again..

the place was full!packed!
even the waiting list got 5 more people before us..
at last we settled to seat at the sushi bar
ok laa..got to see how they make sushi from here
just felt kinda weird
having people looked at u while u ate

here is  one of the sushi guy
tot they were japanese?or at least an asian?
nope..they russian
maybe they were hired for their asian-liked face

i ordered the same drink i drank the day before
аис ти имбирный ( gingered ice tea )
and of coz coke for beskut
and here come the food....

red bean soup wif unagi ( eel )
i love unagi,yet i hate red beams
den i dunno y i ordered dis at d 1st place
its creamy,red-beany ( izit a word? =p ),and a bit spicy
accompanied by a bowl of gohan

dis is the star dish!
i can eat berbakul bakul of these babies
fried shushi wif dip
and as u can see,i cant even wait to take a pic b4 eating it
luckily i remembered halfway tru
and tk a  snap before continuing my shameless act

shazli and his food
baked salmon wif blue cheese

spicy sushi
mussels,crabs and unagi

edamame..sweet sweet edamame

and finally 
beskut food..rice burger wif salmon teriyaki
oh no!teringin nk mkn!!!

jasmin . eta - ur - heart - out

i loveeeeeeeeee korean food
( then again..i love all type of food..hikhik..)
but i think my taste buds agree wif this type of food
its hot,its spicy
but differents from our malay hot n spicy taste..
do u get my drift?
anyway,here we are at jasmin restaurant..

and the other two..
shazli n wani..

and the side dishes
mainly pickled vegies ( kimchi,pickled dill,etc..)
potato pancakes..(droolllllll....)
oh,oso taugeh..likey likey..hehehe..
i think im full just by eating the side dishes..

i forgot wat dis dish name in korean
its a spicy rice cake
by all,dis is my all time feveret
any1 know where i can buy dis in malaysia?

and here is my last dish
upon ordering,i tot a simple clear hot nice soup would be
best to wash down all the spicyness
but man...how dissappointed i am wen i tasted it
its cold and sweet..odd..
mybe its supposed to be a summer dish
sorry dear..i got to left u behind..

and wen i tot i got no more stomach room to spare
we stop at azbuka vkusa
and bought 1 bucket of baskin robins
rocky road style..
boy...wat a day!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

kecacatan sementara

i just felt from the stairs of death.
remember that stairs?
im literally sliding down the steps
man....its hurt...

yeye!ade alsn x g klas esk..ahahaha!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

i just dont care anymore...

i dun feel right to say bad things bout people
if in blog
(if bergosip gosip,ok je..hahaha)
but i think,im up to my limit oledi..
i jus dun think dis kind of people really know the meaning of enuf is enuf
i think they feel gud hurting others feeling

look,im sorry for anytin dat i've done k
its been years agoo
cant u people jus let it go?
wat else u people want from me?
to crawl up to u n said im sorry?
u people got everytin oledi
im sorry i cant completely vanished from ur sight
leave everytin behind and lead a miserable life
myb dats wat u people want..but sorry..
dat kind of wish,will nvr come true.
live the way u want,be as evil as u want
jus leave me alone
far away from ur twisted, sad, unforgiven life!

we are enemies,longer than we are frens,
no,i dont consider u people as my enemies anymore
before yes,but now..
jus as sum people who i know in my past life
im sure u consider me as an enemy tho
i dun care,i dun even gv a damn!
jus STOP saying bad thing bout me at ALL!
for me,u people are the type of people
who cant even be keep closer as an enemies!
if u people hate me dat much,den jus stop saying my name
at any costs,at any time
its dat simple rite?

and secondly,for some1 who pretend to be a fren
but actually jus a b**** wif sweet face & frenly smile
im completely clueless...
y said dat u on the way to klas
wen u obviously oledi arrived?
wen i jus wanna ask u whether the teacher oledi in or not
y said dat u still in ur room
wen i can heard a car honking at the back?
wen u know im still waiting for u
i soooo wanna ask u y the h*** u do such thing
but ..meh..
dat dun even worth my time

well..dats all
curse me all u want
i've had enuf
wen a "sorry" couldnt satisfied ur people
i dun know wat else will
if my tears bring u people joy
den i felt sorry for u

jus hoping that im not going to be like dat..
yeah,i hurt others too.
.but i know wen to stop hating
and learn to forgive..

nana wrote on her blog recently..
Allah knows the best of His slave..
Allah takkan menguji sesuatu dengan yg kita tak mampu..but we always tend to think that our life is not fair enough..

how so very true...but still i find its hard to face all of these
may i stand strong no matter what
i jus dun care anymore
for all these times i kept in silence
letting u people said all u people want..
i pray may GOD open up ur people heart
and learn to forgive and forget..


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

karipap nite out!!

im soooo missing the simplycity of living in malaysia..
i mean,watever u want,needs or crave
its right there in front of u..ready to be bought..
but living here in moscow do mk us to be more creative
if u craving for karipap,den wat to do?
mk it urself of coz!
and u can even mk it as a klass activity..hahaha
plus it kinda bond us together..literally..hehe

sweta and boon beng wif tray of finished karipap
at the back,hilman as the roller of the day.

its kinda fun actually
everyone got their own things to do
as for me,at dis time,my work is done!
coz im the 1 yg kene prepare the inti n the dough..

the result..n shushien oso bake us a cute gingerbread man!!
cute kn??hehe..

i think all of us dh xksh if xmkn krpp lg
at least until summer hols nnt
coz we ate like 10bj sorang,and got some more for 2mrw bfast!

supposed rmi lg yg ptt dtg..xci eh korg!!!
nway..god friday nite!!next time wat roti jala plak k!!

women's day 09

before i never knew about women's day
but here,russian people do celebrated it
more than V day
i guess,they do appreciated their women..hehe
anyway,here wat beskut gv me..
sweet aint it?

i love this sweet little gurl more than a mere rose..
they last more den jus a week
and so damn cute wif those mandarins hanging like dat..
anyway,after dat we went dinner wif my groupie
at a korean restaurant

ok,here some of them busying theirself grilling the meat
no,only them can use the grill
so kesian for us..can only eat seafood,ramen n egg noodles..

here is the pakcik while he grilling the squid for us..
blk tu,we all smells like sate..haha

the food tasted yummy actually..wasnt too bad for a non vegetarian eater like us..

beskut,me,tiqa n hilman..
yep,die mmg quite abnormal..hahaha!!


while waiting for our food..

n oso dat day we got a besday boy
no,his not sissy..or is he??

n lastly,our whole groupie together wif their "spouses"
hahaha..nice day indeed...
plus got to buy tahu/taufu from the shop
i so wanna buy their spoon n bowl!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

putera M.I.C futsal league

im not a really a futsal fan
mainly coz there is no ronaldo in it

here we are in front of bus stop
been waiting for the bus like teramat la lame..
seb bek xsejuk sgt time ni

bgnn blkg tu is my uni building
yep..not so pretty..

it turns out
i do enjoyed d game..
cheering and c*****g at the same time
really make my adrenaline rushed..wehehehee..

ns campur = ayam msk merah /kicap + kobes goreng = 100rouble/rm10
its quite normal price range here for us anyway..

some of the team

some of the crowds..

the final team wif our coach and encik azman..wakil from malaysian embassy
the winner = team bj kuning
well,both team is from our uni..i guess ..same je kot
coz we bolot all the 1st,2nd and 3rd place
go m2 go!!hehe