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Friday, November 25, 2011

islamic trettoria,bandar baru bangi

last dinner date wif en beskut
we ate at islamic trettoria at bangi
splendid food.ambiance,wud be romantic if there is no crying baby around
ahaha..yes,sometimes i can be a baby hater..lol..

 first,they served this warm fluffy bread.of coz i ate this all by myself.hehe..
olive oil and balsamic vinegar combo? heavenly...

 i drank this.beskut?
dont even ask..him,either ice tea or coke.no matter where we ate,that's what he ordered.

 beskut main course,alfredo tagliatelle.the pasta cook to perfection.the sauce is just divine.man..im in love....

why waiter always thought boy will get the big manly steak and girl will get the  gurly green salad? in our case,its definitely vise versa.hahaha
plus i like mine on a medium rare side.
this is THE BEST STEAK ever !
juicy,cuts like butter,melt in your mouth kinda steak..
the mash potato - to die for
the salad - i hope there's a big pile of it
the grilled veggies - meh..im ok without them
have i told u that this is the best steak i ever had?

the price is koyak- wallet -and -poket kinda price.
but totally worth it.
too bad i didnt get to try out their dessert.
the tiramisu look pretty tempting..
next time nadia.there's always next time.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daiso VS benefit

hi peeps!
just a random review bout some beauty products.
u gurls know bout benefit she laq?
i've been using it for yearsss to seal off my make up.
specially for my eyebrows.
and you can imagine how dissappointed i felt when one morning i found out that i forgot to seal off the cap,and its literally empty inside!sob3..
than i found out that beneFit alrady discontinued she laq.
so i tried other alternatives.
some beauty blogger said you can use hair spray as a make up sealer.
but it doesn't work that great for me..

than one day while browsing tru Daiso
i've found the eyebrow coat.
im a bit skeptic at first,but what the heck..for rm5 per bottle
im willing to take the risk.

oh my,it work like a charm!
i'll be buying more to stock up.hahaha
so if u looking for a perfect sealant,go to daiso now!
remember,look for this!
buy me!buy me!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is for YOU

I know you gonna read this sooner or later..coz i know u stalk evert inch of my web life..but pretending like you dont is just plain pathethic.how would you know bout my snowboarding trip,about moscow,about every little details that i only wrote in my blog?come on la..like i dont know..

You beg for us to meet.you brag bout ur life and how succesfull you are now.dont get me wrong,im happy for you.really.but to tell me in my face that im not succesfull? Omg..that's just..im speechless here..

Let me get this straight...

I drive a swift.you drive a NEO!
And you had nerve to say mine is no good?

U said u just bought back your old house from your dad.
I just bought a piece of land!Ok,no house yet.but it will..

U a big succesfull lawyer now?
Well,granted im not a doctor yet..okay,u win there.

U got ur diving license oledi?
Big deal.i lived in europe.i've travelled the world.i've hopped on a train travelled around russia.

Have you done all that dear?
Did i told you that.no.coz im not one to brag.
I lived my life the way i want.i made a mistakes a long the way.but im fine with it.yet u seem to have a problem with it.y?

You got jealous with my life?
Hahaha..served u right!

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