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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daiso VS benefit

hi peeps!
just a random review bout some beauty products.
u gurls know bout benefit she laq?
i've been using it for yearsss to seal off my make up.
specially for my eyebrows.
and you can imagine how dissappointed i felt when one morning i found out that i forgot to seal off the cap,and its literally empty inside!sob3..
than i found out that beneFit alrady discontinued she laq.
so i tried other alternatives.
some beauty blogger said you can use hair spray as a make up sealer.
but it doesn't work that great for me..

than one day while browsing tru Daiso
i've found the eyebrow coat.
im a bit skeptic at first,but what the heck..for rm5 per bottle
im willing to take the risk.

oh my,it work like a charm!
i'll be buying more to stock up.hahaha
so if u looking for a perfect sealant,go to daiso now!
remember,look for this!
buy me!buy me!