..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank God Its Jumaat

tgi - ing wif my sistas
the only tgi yg de kt jb
yup,sumhow jb is not that hype actually..

me & tot


sy akak tot & sutun

sudu & garfu

dis is soo not an appetizer...

sy akk yg bek..siap potong kn aym utk mrk2 yg mls ..ish3..

gmbr ni menakutkn kn? yg blkng...

ciken xsedap...tough n dry..the pasta oso still not well cooked..yuks!
but like the ubi goreng..hoho..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

moshi mosh

im back!
after a long time..
not yet kicking
not yet screaming
but i'm up
no longer wish to be tied down
by emotions or
any stupid things
love is just part of life after all rite?
and why should i love a mere human being more than Allah The Almighty..
i'm weak and i hope to change that
remind me that im not alone
i still got all of you
my family
and en beskut..hehe..
this is an experience that i want to forget
this is not a normal unhappy-ending-classic-love-tales
for those who stands by my sides
thank you soo much
and for those who choose to run away
a very big thanks to you too
coz now i know
mane lawan,mane kawan
mane kekasih,mane bukan..
there will be ups and downs
i know that but i just wanna
keep moving forward..