..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Monday, June 21, 2010

trash treasure

one man trash is another man's treasure ..

well,thats true!

i thrifted something nice today..at butik bund..hehe..

a handbag!
i went gaga over the metal straps..
saw the same bag with same metal straps from mango & padini.
.but both would cost me 1++ for a new 1..and this bby?
teka la bpe..hehe...

who said there is no love at first sight?

im a heppy heppy gurl >_

how to spent your sunday

today me & beskut lepaks2 at danga beach..

we just sat inside the car since its drizzled a bit outside

but then,of coz..sumtin..or rather..someone caught my eyes...

a man
kinda sun bathing on top of his car
hehehe..now,this is how really the way to enjoy your sunday evening..=)

oreo ?

korg pernah makan orea ice cream?

cookies & cream BR xkire k..

or oreo sundae kt TGI...

sah2,i rs teruja gile2 nk bli..sbb jakun dgn bnde2 pelik & baru..lg2 kalo melibatkn mknn..hehehe..ni bkn ikut nafsu ye..im simply mmg suke bnde peliks2..


sori gmbr blur..dh xble sbr nk rs..huhuhu..

oreo perise blueberry xpelik sgt kot..tp bile mkn,de rs sejuk2 sket..mcm mkn mint cookies plk..sbb tu kot name die oreo ice cream...hurmm...

konklusi : sy suke yg klassik!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i dont believe in people anymore

i miss moscow and my hectic life there

feel like a foreigner in my own country.feel like i don't belong here

weird..i always thought malaysians are kinder,wiser,willing to help even a stranger who are in need compared to the russian..we were bombarded with an image that russians are rude,racists people..well..yes,thats true..but they still come forward and give a hand when you ask for help.

my recent experience thought me well...no matter how much you yelled for help here in Malaysia,no body...i repeat..NO BODY willing to come forward and help you...even they parked right by your side..they just look at you and resumed their own business..seriously?

reading yesterday news make me struck...about the 3 years old girl Umairah being hit by a man at public playground till death..lots of witnesses..but none came forward to help?and the reason is because they afraid,and they simply don't wanna get involve with the police..we,Malaysian..are NO LONGER HUMAN...no longer have a heart...call a police,ask that man to stop..its simple as that..if only some one had done that..Umairah would still breathing and live now..

I.. no longer believe that there are some of kindness in human hearts..no...at the end,we protect our own..we are SELFISH..we think bout ourselves before others..and that includes me.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


you wont understand this heartache
of losing something like that
i cant shake it out of my head
i don't care bout you anymore
please be dead as far as i care
before yes i breathed for you
my world revolved around you
but now i've seen what kind of a monster you've become
you bit these hands that fed you
that held you when you cried
that hugged you when you down
my pain is a joke
my tears make you laugh
what a jackass you are
guilty and sorry will never be in your mind
i'm not weak as you are
i can stand on my own two feet
unlike you,stupid uneducated monkey
yeah,thats how i curse
i call people monkey

i'm holding in my hand
this fragile heart of mine
that still bleeds,broken & torn apart
he said to give it to him
he'll nurse it back
he'll mend it back
the pain that you've caused
the wrong that you've done
he'll erase it from my head
i'm thankful for that
for girls who stood by my side
those long night of chattings,texts and calls
i love you all
for those who turn their backs and heads
thank you even more
for one girl
who always there when she needed something
and gone as soon as i need her
cant u read the situation?
i don't need you anymore
go away..like you always do
you are good at that
are'nt you?

you and that anorexic peppy of yours
can go to heaven
im praying for your happiness
i hope you can settle all your debts and manage to buy a car and a house
im not that shallow
nor i'll ever be as low as both of you are
yes my cracked nasal still hurts
but to hope for you to go to hell?
who am i to judge?
im not that good anyway
im not trying to be the "better person"
but i refuse to play the victim
im going cuckoo sumtimes
talking to myself is not normal
or weeping and mourning excessively
whats there to mourn for?
you are not a diamond in the rough
you are just a weak human as i am
im through feeling sorry for myself
im better than you
at least thats a fact
you are just a fraction of fiction in my life
yg besnye,u wont understand what i've said here
papai ~~~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

who said steroid good for you?

i'm now under strict medication regime
need to tk progesteron 10mg everyday
side effects?

  • hair falls which is so demm obvious
  • lots n lotss of white head..muke menggerutu okes..
  • making me hungry & eat all the time
  • resulting in rapid weight gain..( yeah,blame the ubat!haha!!)
  • rapid hair growth in all area ( gross... tp kt pale xnk tumbuh plk )
  • now i've got a moustache
  • feeling jittery all the time
and this will goes on for another 2 months
sutun keep gelakkn me coz b4 i always laugh at her bumpy face..haha..
pdn muke aku..deshum2!!

cool blog

skrg tgh gile minum cool blog..
bubble tea,boba tea..watever..
lagi2 red tea + honey + bubble...
uish!mmg besh!
hurmm..g la ptg nnt..hehehe
skrg cpt sgt rs marah
well aku mmg pemarah,-ve type nye org
suke pk bnde bukan2
n if dh mrh,sgt2 ssh nk kawal
ape aku ptt wat utk ilngkn rs marah yg membuak buak ni?
cik olen pesan if mrh,baring..mesti lega..
tp aku nih..makin baring pn makin marah gak
ye..aku sekronik itu thpnye...
bile dh mrh,bp start high,n start rs dizzy
aku ni de hrpn utk kne hypertensi xlame lg kalo x control..
smlm dgr ceramah dgn ustaz kalakr lg bes
bkn kt msjid..kat umh je..hehe
ustaz ckp...

  1. if mrh dgn sape2..maafkn je..kte pn bkn bek mane pn..
  2. if bertengkar pndpt dgn org yg jahil..diamkn aje..die xphm & xpndai..so jgn dilynkn..
  3. syg kn org yg syg pd kite..nk pd org yg nk pd kite..if org dh xnk,mv on je..rmi lg org dlm dunie ni..Allah dh jadikn sume umat nye berpsngn..so,jgn risau.
  4. jgn jd munafik dlm beribadat..ni ptt ltk 1st skali..( reminder to me )
  5. sbgi umat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w,ati kte kne besar..jgn ati kecik..sket2 nk nngis,nk rs down..kite umt terpilih..jd jgn sng putus asa
  6. syukur dgn nikmat free yg Allah berikn...knp aku sng sgt lalai dgn nikmat dunie?
byk lg yg ustaz ckp..tp ni yg paling melekat di ati...
marah bole diredakn n dikawal kn?
xmo sedey n down2 lg
idup kne teruskn

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

see what i've got today..
jeng jeng jeng...
from beskut...tq bby..

aint he sweet?
in case if u all wondering,muat ke bju tu?
eyp! how dare u! hahaha..
but seyesly,mmg xmuat..he gv it to me as an insipiration for me to go on a diet..
so,my diet officially start from.......esok kot..kikiki...

abg posmen bz dtg my home dis past few days
yesterday i got dis from him...
jeng jeng jeng....

shawls,shawls,shawls and more shawls!
but this time i bought it myself online
love the colours n corak ..yay!
yes..im a shopaholic..while im not proud of it..
but still loving it..hehe...