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Thursday, June 10, 2010

i dont believe in people anymore

i miss moscow and my hectic life there

feel like a foreigner in my own country.feel like i don't belong here

weird..i always thought malaysians are kinder,wiser,willing to help even a stranger who are in need compared to the russian..we were bombarded with an image that russians are rude,racists people..well..yes,thats true..but they still come forward and give a hand when you ask for help.

my recent experience thought me well...no matter how much you yelled for help here in Malaysia,no body...i repeat..NO BODY willing to come forward and help you...even they parked right by your side..they just look at you and resumed their own business..seriously?

reading yesterday news make me struck...about the 3 years old girl Umairah being hit by a man at public playground till death..lots of witnesses..but none came forward to help?and the reason is because they afraid,and they simply don't wanna get involve with the police..we,Malaysian..are NO LONGER HUMAN...no longer have a heart...call a police,ask that man to stop..its simple as that..if only some one had done that..Umairah would still breathing and live now..

I.. no longer believe that there are some of kindness in human hearts..no...at the end,we protect our own..we are SELFISH..we think bout ourselves before others..and that includes me.