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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

see what i've got today..
jeng jeng jeng...
from beskut...tq bby..

aint he sweet?
in case if u all wondering,muat ke bju tu?
eyp! how dare u! hahaha..
but seyesly,mmg xmuat..he gv it to me as an insipiration for me to go on a diet..
so,my diet officially start from.......esok kot..kikiki...

abg posmen bz dtg my home dis past few days
yesterday i got dis from him...
jeng jeng jeng....

shawls,shawls,shawls and more shawls!
but this time i bought it myself online
love the colours n corak ..yay!
yes..im a shopaholic..while im not proud of it..
but still loving it..hehe...


TTT said...


hi cyg :)