..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Monday, August 29, 2011

selamat hari raya

 happy eid to all my friends and muslim all over the world 

Monday, August 22, 2011


ahahaha.. i think,my stomach cud do the same right now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


       credit to google.

akai chan bau mcm ikn masin skrg..
ni sume gara2 beli ikn kat pasar.letak kat bonet..
slalunye ade kotak styrofoam yg mmg khas utk ltk brng2 basah..
tp kebetulan hari jumaat tu,sy kuarkn dr bonet.
den ari tu jgk la ikn selar kuning kt psr murah..rm3 sekg? trus bli 3kg skaligus..
wahahaha...knyg smnggu kucing2 kat umh..
pastu xtau nk wat cmne..nk basuh bonet xbole plk tu..
ari ni dgn kadar segera g beli fabreeze..
who said fabreeze berkesan? hish..ilang bau kejap je pn..
bagaimana ye....rs nk koyakkn kapet bonet tu g basuh..haha
nadia mode buntu 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hidup mesti jadi kedekut.
Even dgn family sndr.
Mybe korg rs im selfish for saying this.but truth is,sy dh serik..
Serik bile barang2 asyik rosak pas org pnjm..

Contoh2 barang/gadget sy yg ilang or musnah di tgn org lain:

Pda - trus hang and xbole on.langsung!

Psp - jatuh dlm laut and go bye2.dh btulkn,ble ilng dlm kargo flight plk

Spek guess the 1st - org pnjm ckp dh pulang eventho sbnrnye xpernah smpi blk ke tgn sy.

Spek guess the 2nd - trtnggl dlm kete org,die wat harta smpi skrg

Spek gucci - ni xpe,mmg bg trus pd org.hehee

Netbook - de bunyi2 pelik kuar..mybe kipas die,mybe motherboard.sy pn xtau

Brooch - dh pki,xletak blk.awl bulan bks brooch penuh menggunung.akhr bln msti tnggl 3,4 bji je.tu pn jns yg xcute.

Camera merah - paling sy camera ni,xsmpi 2mngu bli,org pnjm nk amek gmbr,die ble jatuhkn kt batu2 kerikil.aduiiii

Mouse computer - sy pki 2thn xrosak,sy tngglkn seari bg org pki,trus xble gune.even rm10 pn,duit gk...

Oleh itu.azam baru sy nk jd kedekut.bile sedare mare nk pnjm ifon,maaf ye knk2..bkn xmo bg,tp if terjth..nk mrh pn xbole nnt.

If sedare mare yg remaje nk pnjm dslr..nk posing2 amek gmbr dieorg ntah ppe,maaf.lens calar,dgn xsngkut kt leher..sy tgk cre dieorg pgg pn dh rs nk heart attack.

Dgn itu,sy rela hati org pnggil sy kedekut.selfish dan seangkatan dgn nye..

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Thursday, August 11, 2011


akai chan calar balar sane sini
migrain tiap2 ari for over a week
my health is not in a very good condition
when life keep knocking you down
sometimes what you can do is just
sit back
and sip down some coke to cool it off..
cheers everybody!

Monday, August 8, 2011

yummy choco

ok,i've been wanting salivating over chanel  Particulière since it hit the store jan 2010.
but at price tag of rm70 per varnish? hurmm.....my insane shopaholic heart say YES,YES,YES!
but my slightly wise - obviously thin wallet said no,no,no.hahaha
than i came across this at etude house.i don't know the name,but at rm8,this would be the most expensive nail polish i've ever purchased.ever!
its a bit darker than the chanel,but hey..as long as its chocholate.im o.k!
no one can say no to chocolate right? 
except mybe salina..hehehe...

sun kiss orange

love the colour ...remind me of summer.vibrant with a touch of sun kisses..
now2..before u go & making the tsk,tsk,tsk sound...
yes,i coloured my nail.but only for a few hours.tops.
i love doing meni pedi on my own nails.after the nightmare of doing it at spa.urghh!
anyway,this is an unbranded nail polish.
bought it at hot market.rm5 for 2 bottles.hahaha..super cheap maa!
but the polish glides so easy & doesn't leave any streaks at all.
if only im at a beach right now...oohhh..super fun!

Friday, August 5, 2011

your tiny little world

oh honey...
how was the world ?
u've got a chance to take a  little peep outside
does it make your heart beat fast?
your tummy cramp with butterflies?
its exciting right?
discovering all these new things around you
what things? oh silly me..its just a few..

how does it feel to spread your wings just a teeeeny tiny bit?
are you happy or you're afraid?
ah,im sorry..what's with wings being spread?
when you just changing place
note that i didnt say place(s)

want to know the nicest feeling in the world?
is not to live by pleasing others
its a chance to stand on your own two feets
to be able sometimes to do as what you pleased
to explore new things
life is exciting when there's good and bad
its not just warm fuzzy feeling that u've got
u cried over a homesicks
have you ever tried being alone for 1 night?

there's reason why my life been like this
and there's reason why yours end up like that
but im happy with mine
and im glad coz u happy with yours
so let me live mine
i didnt hurt no body right?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


my room now felt like a winter wonderland..
coz i got a brand new aircond!!!
weee..yes,im < --------------------------------------------------> this happy rite now.
coz i can no longer call the old one and aircond anymore.
i slept with no blanket even with its on.its that bad..
haha..sorry for such a lame post..
im just happy,and a special big thank you's to beskut for it!!
if its up to me, i'll snag that heavy duty mixer rite away..
but yeah,aircond is soo much more better..hehehe
now excuse me,i need to test it out..