..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Tq soo much for the presents.i don't know how you gonna top last year presents, but you did..hehehe...

You spoilt me rotten ..

Not that I'm complaining ^_^

I'm a very happy girl ...


Friday, November 25, 2011

islamic trettoria,bandar baru bangi

last dinner date wif en beskut
we ate at islamic trettoria at bangi
splendid food.ambiance,wud be romantic if there is no crying baby around
ahaha..yes,sometimes i can be a baby hater..lol..

 first,they served this warm fluffy bread.of coz i ate this all by myself.hehe..
olive oil and balsamic vinegar combo? heavenly...

 i drank this.beskut?
dont even ask..him,either ice tea or coke.no matter where we ate,that's what he ordered.

 beskut main course,alfredo tagliatelle.the pasta cook to perfection.the sauce is just divine.man..im in love....

why waiter always thought boy will get the big manly steak and girl will get the  gurly green salad? in our case,its definitely vise versa.hahaha
plus i like mine on a medium rare side.
this is THE BEST STEAK ever !
juicy,cuts like butter,melt in your mouth kinda steak..
the mash potato - to die for
the salad - i hope there's a big pile of it
the grilled veggies - meh..im ok without them
have i told u that this is the best steak i ever had?

the price is koyak- wallet -and -poket kinda price.
but totally worth it.
too bad i didnt get to try out their dessert.
the tiramisu look pretty tempting..
next time nadia.there's always next time.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daiso VS benefit

hi peeps!
just a random review bout some beauty products.
u gurls know bout benefit she laq?
i've been using it for yearsss to seal off my make up.
specially for my eyebrows.
and you can imagine how dissappointed i felt when one morning i found out that i forgot to seal off the cap,and its literally empty inside!sob3..
than i found out that beneFit alrady discontinued she laq.
so i tried other alternatives.
some beauty blogger said you can use hair spray as a make up sealer.
but it doesn't work that great for me..

than one day while browsing tru Daiso
i've found the eyebrow coat.
im a bit skeptic at first,but what the heck..for rm5 per bottle
im willing to take the risk.

oh my,it work like a charm!
i'll be buying more to stock up.hahaha
so if u looking for a perfect sealant,go to daiso now!
remember,look for this!
buy me!buy me!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is for YOU

I know you gonna read this sooner or later..coz i know u stalk evert inch of my web life..but pretending like you dont is just plain pathethic.how would you know bout my snowboarding trip,about moscow,about every little details that i only wrote in my blog?come on la..like i dont know..

You beg for us to meet.you brag bout ur life and how succesfull you are now.dont get me wrong,im happy for you.really.but to tell me in my face that im not succesfull? Omg..that's just..im speechless here..

Let me get this straight...

I drive a swift.you drive a NEO!
And you had nerve to say mine is no good?

U said u just bought back your old house from your dad.
I just bought a piece of land!Ok,no house yet.but it will..

U a big succesfull lawyer now?
Well,granted im not a doctor yet..okay,u win there.

U got ur diving license oledi?
Big deal.i lived in europe.i've travelled the world.i've hopped on a train travelled around russia.

Have you done all that dear?
Did i told you that.no.coz im not one to brag.
I lived my life the way i want.i made a mistakes a long the way.but im fine with it.yet u seem to have a problem with it.y?

You got jealous with my life?
Hahaha..served u right!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

no title

anger and hatred
is the only thing that i felt lately
i didnt like what i saw in the mirror 
that girl,is not me
even when i smiled
i can see sadness at the brink of my eyes
i saw no spark of life anymore
i dont really care
coz im turning into a monster everyday
words that came out from my mouth
text s that been typed by my tumbs
all are horrible and disgusting
who is this girl?
that kept saying all bad things
kept hurting the one she love
who am i kidding?
i cant feel love anymore
the sound of children laughing,annoyed me
the cuteness of my cats playing,bored me
the simple afternoon breeze,hurt my skin..
make me feel  like i wanna scream
i try to reach out
but nobody reach out back
even you.
once in a blue moon
i wish serendipity will come
im not asking for a miracle
just a bit of happiness
so i know
that world is worth living in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pizza hut's chunky loaded pizza - please don't waste your money!

have u tried pizza hut's new chunky loaded pizza?
here is the advertisement..
looks pretty yummy right?
can see a load of stuff there..tomatoes.sausages,what not..
and i'm,as a pizza love..of course wanna give it a try..

so,here what i got in reality.just a slices of tortilla,been piled with cheeses and sausage.that's all..where is the diced tomatoes? where is the roasted veggie mix?did u see any?i felt cheated the moment they brought this sad piece of "pizza" to our table.

and this is how "thick" the 10 LAYERS PIZZA is..

and of coz,being me..i complained with the worker.she said the advertisement is for illustration purpose only..well,boo - hoo! come on...the diffrence is far too obvious.its like you comparing a kancil and masserati...and the price is rm35.90!

things that people do to get rich.hish..shame on you pizza hut!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i want this.
really really really want this.
did i stressed that enough? ahaha...

i know i cant pull it off.the colour is super gorgeous.but not suitable for my kulit yg x berape nk cerah ni..

11cm height? sorry.no way!

can only find it online =( what happened if i ordered the wrong size?

i have few heels and sandals that i rarely used.dusting inside their boxes.

ain't it pretty????

arghhh!!! i so wannnttt  iittt!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


his gone..
im too sad to write or say anything
with all the doctors and nurses in the house
no body able to save him
rest in peace dear
Allah love you more than us
im sorry.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

tell me why..

ok,i know things happened for a reason.
so these things happened to me in last few days...

1) my stupid kazen,piled up rambutan skins on my car hood.getah melekat,and now cat kereta dh merekah..just becoz i didn't allowed him to drive the car.he does it as a joke,but can u see the result of his stupidity and selfishness? how much will it cost me to wax and polish the car back to normal? some people just cant grow up mentally.sigh..

2) lost my dslr battery at my granny's home.i don't know where it go or who took it.but its gone.im not pointing any fingers,but seriously,why take the battery but not the camera? needless to say,it will cost more money to buy a new one.

3) a trolley cart ramp onto my car while i parked at giant hypermarket.the worker are collecting trolleys,but one got loose and heading straight to my car.dented and scratch.i got soo mad that i yelled at the guy.but he kept saying that please pity him coz he just started working there..my selfishness took over me.i cant kept feeling sorry for others while bad things repeatedly happening to me..

4) having a mega fight wif en beskut.enuf said =(

at these point,i felt super tired to deal with all of these problems for now.yes,money comes and goes.but its super hard to get by. i believe if i do good to others,good things will come to me.but for now,that's just not true.its getting harder to see the positive side.if there's any..

p/s: bru blk from polish kete,mmg xilng kesan merekah tu.den cek fb,my aunty de upload gmbr kete.tb2 si bangang ni bole komen "kakakakakaka"...skt ati ke x mcm tu?
so i said to him - gelak la puas2,nnt angh hntr bil polish kete.
he replied - pehal plak,bkn salah die letak kulit rmbutan dh mkn,sape suh parking bwh pokok?

gv me reasons not to be mad at that replied.

Monday, August 29, 2011

selamat hari raya

 happy eid to all my friends and muslim all over the world 

Monday, August 22, 2011


ahahaha.. i think,my stomach cud do the same right now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


       credit to google.

akai chan bau mcm ikn masin skrg..
ni sume gara2 beli ikn kat pasar.letak kat bonet..
slalunye ade kotak styrofoam yg mmg khas utk ltk brng2 basah..
tp kebetulan hari jumaat tu,sy kuarkn dr bonet.
den ari tu jgk la ikn selar kuning kt psr murah..rm3 sekg? trus bli 3kg skaligus..
wahahaha...knyg smnggu kucing2 kat umh..
pastu xtau nk wat cmne..nk basuh bonet xbole plk tu..
ari ni dgn kadar segera g beli fabreeze..
who said fabreeze berkesan? hish..ilang bau kejap je pn..
bagaimana ye....rs nk koyakkn kapet bonet tu g basuh..haha
nadia mode buntu 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hidup mesti jadi kedekut.
Even dgn family sndr.
Mybe korg rs im selfish for saying this.but truth is,sy dh serik..
Serik bile barang2 asyik rosak pas org pnjm..

Contoh2 barang/gadget sy yg ilang or musnah di tgn org lain:

Pda - trus hang and xbole on.langsung!

Psp - jatuh dlm laut and go bye2.dh btulkn,ble ilng dlm kargo flight plk

Spek guess the 1st - org pnjm ckp dh pulang eventho sbnrnye xpernah smpi blk ke tgn sy.

Spek guess the 2nd - trtnggl dlm kete org,die wat harta smpi skrg

Spek gucci - ni xpe,mmg bg trus pd org.hehee

Netbook - de bunyi2 pelik kuar..mybe kipas die,mybe motherboard.sy pn xtau

Brooch - dh pki,xletak blk.awl bulan bks brooch penuh menggunung.akhr bln msti tnggl 3,4 bji je.tu pn jns yg xcute.

Camera merah - paling sy camera ni,xsmpi 2mngu bli,org pnjm nk amek gmbr,die ble jatuhkn kt batu2 kerikil.aduiiii

Mouse computer - sy pki 2thn xrosak,sy tngglkn seari bg org pki,trus xble gune.even rm10 pn,duit gk...

Oleh itu.azam baru sy nk jd kedekut.bile sedare mare nk pnjm ifon,maaf ye knk2..bkn xmo bg,tp if terjth..nk mrh pn xbole nnt.

If sedare mare yg remaje nk pnjm dslr..nk posing2 amek gmbr dieorg ntah ppe,maaf.lens calar,dgn xsngkut kt leher..sy tgk cre dieorg pgg pn dh rs nk heart attack.

Dgn itu,sy rela hati org pnggil sy kedekut.selfish dan seangkatan dgn nye..

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Thursday, August 11, 2011


akai chan calar balar sane sini
migrain tiap2 ari for over a week
my health is not in a very good condition
when life keep knocking you down
sometimes what you can do is just
sit back
and sip down some coke to cool it off..
cheers everybody!

Monday, August 8, 2011

yummy choco

ok,i've been wanting salivating over chanel  Particulière since it hit the store jan 2010.
but at price tag of rm70 per varnish? hurmm.....my insane shopaholic heart say YES,YES,YES!
but my slightly wise - obviously thin wallet said no,no,no.hahaha
than i came across this at etude house.i don't know the name,but at rm8,this would be the most expensive nail polish i've ever purchased.ever!
its a bit darker than the chanel,but hey..as long as its chocholate.im o.k!
no one can say no to chocolate right? 
except mybe salina..hehehe...

sun kiss orange

love the colour ...remind me of summer.vibrant with a touch of sun kisses..
now2..before u go & making the tsk,tsk,tsk sound...
yes,i coloured my nail.but only for a few hours.tops.
i love doing meni pedi on my own nails.after the nightmare of doing it at spa.urghh!
anyway,this is an unbranded nail polish.
bought it at hot market.rm5 for 2 bottles.hahaha..super cheap maa!
but the polish glides so easy & doesn't leave any streaks at all.
if only im at a beach right now...oohhh..super fun!

Friday, August 5, 2011

your tiny little world

oh honey...
how was the world ?
u've got a chance to take a  little peep outside
does it make your heart beat fast?
your tummy cramp with butterflies?
its exciting right?
discovering all these new things around you
what things? oh silly me..its just a few..

how does it feel to spread your wings just a teeeeny tiny bit?
are you happy or you're afraid?
ah,im sorry..what's with wings being spread?
when you just changing place
note that i didnt say place(s)

want to know the nicest feeling in the world?
is not to live by pleasing others
its a chance to stand on your own two feets
to be able sometimes to do as what you pleased
to explore new things
life is exciting when there's good and bad
its not just warm fuzzy feeling that u've got
u cried over a homesicks
have you ever tried being alone for 1 night?

there's reason why my life been like this
and there's reason why yours end up like that
but im happy with mine
and im glad coz u happy with yours
so let me live mine
i didnt hurt no body right?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


my room now felt like a winter wonderland..
coz i got a brand new aircond!!!
weee..yes,im < --------------------------------------------------> this happy rite now.
coz i can no longer call the old one and aircond anymore.
i slept with no blanket even with its on.its that bad..
haha..sorry for such a lame post..
im just happy,and a special big thank you's to beskut for it!!
if its up to me, i'll snag that heavy duty mixer rite away..
but yeah,aircond is soo much more better..hehehe
now excuse me,i need to test it out..

Sunday, July 31, 2011

ramadhan ( >,<)

wishing everyone a happy ramadhan!
ramadhan....tarawikh,early breakfast ( sahur..hehe),lailatul qadar  and bubur lambuk..

Friday, July 29, 2011

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System..love!

yay! got a new toy!
which i loveee very much.
its an Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System.
been waiting for it to arrives for ages..till i actually i forgot bout it..
bought it from amazon,don't know what happened.but alas,its here! wee!!
price is $29.90,shipping is $13.90. bit expensive for me.
but compared to clarisonic,this is much3 better.
i read that sephora malaysia sell clarisonic for rm8++?
no way,not in  this life will i buy that.hehe..

before,i used an automatic toothbrush.
you know,the one that spin by itself..
but not for my teeth.for my face.
the effect is kinda same,but the brush is too small.
the olay brush,is soo soft.

anyway,excuse me...i want  need to wash my face.again.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

adik sy ...

do you see the likeness?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


nadia - msk x sedap!
nadia - selfish,buat kje umh pn nk berkire
nadia - kacau mi pun x rata
nadia - slalu abeskn duit je keje
nadia - bju raye size xxxxxxxl je baru muat
nadia - knp mls sgt nk msk
nadia - kms kn bilik adk2
nadia - awk la yg ajr adk2 berjalan xsudah
nadia - annoying sgt suh org buat keje2 umh
nadia - g byr bil2 umh,g bnk sane sini,tp kad bnk pulngkn cepat
nadia - bodoh bli kete mhl2,tp pnjm jap

and here im wondering why im getting fat every day.hahaha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

piece by piece

First of all must go
Your scent upon my pillow
And then I'll say goodbye
To your whispers in my dreams
And then our lips will part
In my mind and in my heart
Cause your kiss
Went deeper than my skin

Piece by piece
Is how I'll let go of you
Kiss by kiss
Will leave my mind one at a time
One at a time

First of all must fly
My dreams of you and I
There's no point in holding on to those
And then our ties will break
For your and my own sake
Just remember
This is what you chose

Piece by piece
Is how I'll let go of you
Kiss by kiss
Will leave my mind one at a time
One at a time

I'll shed like skin
Our memories of lazy days
And fade away the shadow of your face

Piece by piece
Is how I'll let go of you
Kiss by kiss
Will leave my mind one at a time
One at a time
One at a time
One at a time


love the lyric
love the melodies
this is what i meant when i said arrange all the words beautifully...

Friday, July 8, 2011

me the scribbler

not everyone can be a writer
but as soon as they press enter
everyone is free to express their self openly
but sometimes,there are things that are better left unsaid
or even if its interesting enough to be shared with the world
if u cant delivered it well
than there is no meaning in sharing it at all
you just left people wondering,questioning "what does he trying to said?"

i love to write
its like a puzzle
you arrange words after words after words until it become one full sentence.
but i sucks at grammar.really bad.hahaha
no need to use unfamiliar words that you yourselves don't understand
atrocious does sounds better than brutal
but which one is easier to understand?
unless you're a native speaker in said language
use simple - easy - to - understand words
and arrange them beautifully one by one
and if there's any doubt
google always willing to help.hehe..

i wish i could write beautifully in russian and arabic
means - to be able to compose a poem
both  are such beautiful languages
and too bad that i only wrote well when i'm down or sad
that's my inspiration starter i guess
and that's  also why beskut said that all my post are kinda depressed

i wish i could write better in happy tones
i abhor ignoramus writers
yet i cant walk away

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nadia si curly fries

rambut sy dh mcm afro.at least afro ok gk kot..
ni bottom half straight
upper half crinkle mcm kentng kerinting
need to go to hair saloon asap
tp kemalasan itu lg hebat dr keinginan utk dpt rmbut cntik
bkn ape,pergi saloon tu memerlukan ongkos
dan mase yg berjam jam..haishh..
and paling xsuke if time shampu,smpu gurl tu berkuku pnjng..
mau rs perit scalp lepas tu..
pernah sekali kne,den pastu sy mk sure yg shmpu gurl berkuku pendek
pernah smpi amoi tu merajuk sbb sy mntk tukar org len..
sorri,sy xnk scalp luke2..xble nk tmpal plaster!

dan muke pn,time nih la jerawat n white head nk tumbuh dgn segarnye
trauma ler g facial
sakit hokey biler awek cine tu korek2 nk kuarkn white head
sambil mulut die becok suh tmbh pekej beli itu ini
x geti2 diam plk tu
baik2 facial 2 jam,jd smpi 4 jam sbb die non stop ckp
dh ckp xnk pn, xgeti2 nk bg org blk
bisnes ape mcm tu.
trus mls dh nk g..so,jgn tertipu yer rkn2..
terutama NB beauty kt angsana and sekitar jb.
patutla byk branch,sume tu hasil pakse clients la tu..
chrge rm10 utk 2 sponge hrge rm2.
desyum kang baru tau

tu la ssh jd pompuan ni
asal if lelaki,xshave bulu ketiak pun,ok jer bkk bju msk tv plk tu.
cube pomp? de ingrow hair pn org dh ckp ewww..
pnt tau x nk maintain !
bulu kaki ni,mau 7,8 kali veet sebulan if nk kekal licin x berbulu
kalau wax kurng sikit la..tp pedih nyer..
time consuming gk tu..
x,sy xpki skirt pendek..sy just suke kaki x berbulu
sy sndr yg rimas if kaki berbulu mcm lelaki..
if anda jns xkisah,xpela..
feel free utk be au naturel

or meni pedi..mhl woo skrg..
meni jer rm45?
huhu..nyesal giler time tu..dh la pki brng2 yg dh uzur
mau sj kne mrh 
charge mhl2 tp nail filer pn dh x tajam
tp di sabar kan aje hati
watpe siap suh rendam tangan dgn anti bacterial ( air suam + dettol )
tp pki barang2 yg clearly x di sterilize kn?
bile ingat2 balik,rs seram sejuk...
mne tau client b4 tu ade hep c ke....

so,this is the price of beauty..
im clearly xler dlm kategori cantik
tp kekdng gedix gk nk wat bnde2 feminine skali skale
hehe..lg2 if ade yg melayan
en beskut plak rajin offer suh g buat mcm2 and meneman
beruntung wooo...sy syg sama itu olang! 
pasni xde dh orng nk meneman
xper la..( smbil menangis sob3 kt sudut bilik )
stay gorgeous ladies!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dream room

i want a boudoir chic style room.
i want! i want! i want!
not necessarily in hot pink & black
but you do get the point right?
mix of vintage and modern
oh my......
and a walk in closet wont hurt either..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

be thankful

setiap hari,setiap malam,setiap masa
sy kena ingatkn diri sendiri
bersyukur dgn ape yg dr sndr ade
nikmat yg Allah bg terlalu byk.
melimpah ruah sebenarnye.
tp sy slalu lalai,senang cite,alpa dgn apa yg bukan mlik sndr
bak kata omputeh,grass is always greener on the other side.

jeles bile bace blog kwn2 sek,dh berumah tngga,dh berzuriat
dah mampu beli kereta. bkn 1,bkn 5,tp 4 buah kereta..hehehe
hijau dgn envy bile tgk cik ainaa siap2 utk jejak negara asal sushi.
iri hati tgk kawan2 beli henbeg and henfon baru2.
tp sy lupe....
dengan zuriat,datangnye responsibilities.
cik ainaa kate sy lupe sy pernah duk kat europe lame2.
henbeg ntah brape byk tergntung kt bilik and tersumbat dlm almari.
ini bukti org xbersyukur
jadi tiap kali ade rs envy
sy jentik hati
ingat,Allah mahal adil,apa yg kita dapat ialah dari usaha kita sndr
couch potato xkn dpt tadah  duit dr kayangan
workaholic bru rasa manis usaha yg dituai
rindu plak ms belajar..

jadi , sila ingat hati...
jgn rs bangga diri.jgn rasa iri hati
Allah dapat tarik segalanya dgn mudah
tidak susah bukan erti tiada ujian
kesenangan juga adalah dugaan
sbb senang sgt timbul rs bongkak.
jgn jadi hamba yg dibenci Nya.

sila ingatkn itu wahai hati...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

yati ayam percik,kota bharu kelantan

i really,really,really,really,really,really,really in love with nasi kerabu.
and kelantan have the tastiest nasi kerabu i ever had!
and yati ayam percik,make the best nasi kerabu of all.
if not,i wont be going there for dinner and lunch on the next day.

 ayam percik putih.this is 1 portion babeh! yummy,yummy,yummy! 

 nasi kerabu putih. meh.

 lots of kuih sold in packs of rm2.50.super cheap! kt jb jgn hrp dpt semurah ni!

 solok lada.our friends introduce this to us.green chili that have been pickled,stuff with grated coconut.kinda like jalapeno poppers.minus the frying.total winner!

 blue nase kerabu..baru la best.......droolinggggggggg.....

kuih  cek mek... im surprised at my first bite.haha..air gula was oozing out.i supposed,we should eat it in 1 bite.yes,im that jakun.ngehngeh...

kuih lompong.its easy to find these in jb.but i love it.

they have a new branch at seksyen 7 b.b.bangi and kajang.
so go check it out!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

First station kopitiam, kota bharu kelantan

at first station kopitiam,kota bharu

 soda strawberries.i love kedai mkn yg bg coaster!

 ice milk tea

 nasi goreng ayam 3 rasa.the chicken was undercooked.so,boo!!

cant remember the name of this dish.but the chicken have been marinated and fried.still have its juiciness,some plain ol' white rice and curry sauce served with a bit heavy cream.a bit weird for me.but tasty still.yes,im a big lover for msg - loaden food.hahaha!

but i felt uneasy through out our dinner there coz the kopitiam is obviously own by a chinese.but they showed a tilawah al-quran on their television.which is of coz make me feel happy.but they still switch on their radio.it felt wrong after that.one side i can heard the Quran recital.and on the other,lady gaga been singing alejandro.i tried to ask them to switch off the radio,but they just brush it off.and what's more disturbing is that no body else ( fellow malays ) seems like they care.am i just over reacted,or its totally really is wrong?
im ridden with guilt =(

restoran ﻭ , kota bharu kelantan

hei peeps,im back in jb.
after 2 weeks ulang alik between kuantan - kb.
so,there will be a few posts about food 
not coz im that eager to show u guys what i ate this past 2 weeks
coz belive me,notin is out of ordinaries.
it just for my memory sake.lol...
so,here goes...
notin really fancy
i found it hard to find a local food there.
either im too lazy to search for it
hurmm..yup,im lazy! haha

 teh o bing laici..refreshing!

 bandung soda..guess which drink is mine and which is beskut's?

 its 10.30am,and i ordered nasi goreng daging merah...sigh...
for an over priced nasi goreng,its tasteless and the meat is soo tough.haiya..

and beskut's nasi goreng ikan masin.he ate notin but nasi goreng ikan masin.hehehe..

love the restaurant interior.hate the food.

Friday, June 10, 2011

i bengang dgn....

im angry and disappointed right now.too many little but bad things happened while im staying in kelantan.
the kfc kb mall incident,beli take away,tapi dieorg xnk bg paper plate.even bile nk beli.seriously someone do tell me,knp xbole nk bg paper plate tu?sah2 la im turning to the hulk.stupid!no wonder org nk terjun bunuh diri kt ctu..pfftt..

then,coolblog kt tesco kota bharu,charge rm0.50 utk 1 plastik kecik cinonet tu.50sen?giler mhl....kt moscow pn 10sen je kot after convert.hebat sgt ker mereka nk chrge 50sen?

then sgt2 xphm dgn driver2 kt cni.i stop kt lmpu merah,tp kete2 len slamber je jln.LAMPU MERAH MAKNENYE STOP people! siap kne horn okey....sumenye opposite kt kelantan...pening kepale..

bkn kutuk kelantan.and im sure tmpt2 len pn de gk berlaku bnde2 ni...tp ni bkn jd skali je.tp berkali kali.so,im quite baffled.and to be truth..lame2 jd bengang thp karma.

and kene sound sbb xpki tudung.i admit.im wrong.tp kelantanese,pki tudung,tp pki baby shirt yg ketat giler.or rmbut terkeluar kt belakang,menampakkn rmbut yg berkaler and ber high lights..huh..mls nk komen panjang.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

kota bharu - day 1


Nasi Kerabu ayam goreng @ hayaki tune for lunch

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Bakar @ Nasi Kerabu Golok for dinner

                         my cravings for nasi kerabu is satisfied! hehehe....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

applying make up using your fingers

lately rs mls sesgt utk makeup bile keluar.not that its so damn important.but i do try to at least..the very least ..paling tidak..sekurang kurangnye..WEAR A LIPSTICK.period.bibir pucat is a BIG no-no.oh,and also chapped lips.urghhh!

tapi rs membazir plak bile xpakai bile dh beli ..ahaha..for me,shopping make up,mcm shopping candy.menggembirakan...lg2 bile tgk rows and rows of eye shadows and lipsticks and lip glosses.lg2 kat beneFit..ouh,rs xmahu balik!hehehe...

anyway,here sy nk share a bit tricks.apply makeup menggunakan jari jemari runcing anda sekalian..selalunye sy mls nk mk up sbb mls nk pki berus2 tu...1 berus utk 1 function? pfffttt...

i know2..maybe its a bit un hygenic.tp basuhla dulu tgn bersih2 ye b4 start.itu penting! katakan tidak pada tembel!

so here goes :

sy gune 3 jari tgh ( index,middle & ring ) utk apply foundation.if i do use it.slalunye xpki,so skip it.

  • thumb : gunakan utk sapu lebihan lipstick yg kuar dari line bibir
  • index : sy gunakan utk apply eyeshadow,or wat smokey eyes dgn gunakan eyeliner.
  • middle : utk ratakan lipstick.after apply from tube,ratakan dgn jari,tekap dgn tisu,and apply skali lagi                   utk lasting effect.
  • ring : gunakan utk apply concealer pd dark eye circles..or bile nk apply eye cream.dab lightly
  • pinky : jarang gune pinky finger..sbb slalunye sy make up cober basic je.hehe..tp kekdng if pki high light kat brow bone,hidung and dagu.sy akn apply pki jari ni.

owh,lupe plak..sy gunakn kabuki brush utk apply compact powder and blusher..ni xble nk gunakn jari..hehehe..

so,hrp2 lepas ni sume rjn2 la ber make up k!

have a gorgeous day! smooches!!