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Sunday, June 19, 2011

yati ayam percik,kota bharu kelantan

i really,really,really,really,really,really,really in love with nasi kerabu.
and kelantan have the tastiest nasi kerabu i ever had!
and yati ayam percik,make the best nasi kerabu of all.
if not,i wont be going there for dinner and lunch on the next day.

 ayam percik putih.this is 1 portion babeh! yummy,yummy,yummy! 

 nasi kerabu putih. meh.

 lots of kuih sold in packs of rm2.50.super cheap! kt jb jgn hrp dpt semurah ni!

 solok lada.our friends introduce this to us.green chili that have been pickled,stuff with grated coconut.kinda like jalapeno poppers.minus the frying.total winner!

 blue nase kerabu..baru la best.......droolinggggggggg.....

kuih  cek mek... im surprised at my first bite.haha..air gula was oozing out.i supposed,we should eat it in 1 bite.yes,im that jakun.ngehngeh...

kuih lompong.its easy to find these in jb.but i love it.

they have a new branch at seksyen 7 b.b.bangi and kajang.
so go check it out!