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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seoul Garden City Square Jb

korean bbq buffet stands for what?

korean? = not malaysian
bbq? = grilled food
buffet? = eat all you can till you drop

well,its not really a korean food..i mean..a meat is still a meat aite?
there is no nationality for em'.
hehehe...but its about the grilling style..
hell yeah,its fun!
you get to grill and stew at the same time..

melapar plak perut tgk gmbr ni...hihi..


haha...huduh sungguh adekku saat ini..lol

serat itu penting untuk anda!

skip all the junks ( fish ball,sausages,artificial "food") and go straight to the good stuffs..

i mean me....errr...the meat...hahaha!!...

go check it out...

Seoul Garden all-you-can-eat-buffet
Johor bahru city square,
106-108 Jln Wong Ah Fook,
Level 3 M-05 & 06,
8000 Johor Bahru,


~NURUL~ said...

wow sounds good.. going to try it next week.. cant wait.. drooling!!! kita boleh amek as many as we can or how?? and the pricing??

nadia.H said...

yup,eat as much as u want..
owh,got ice cream and abc sum more..
berbaloi baloi!hehe

the price ea..lupe la..
around 40 per pax after tax.
but drinks not included.
better smuggle in ur own air..ahaha..
happy eating!

Hanisah anAk BiLaL OmaR said...

nak tanye,.
kt seoul garden nie
halal x??
ade kimchi tak..
please reply ASAP ye..
thanx :D

nadia.H said...

aslkm..solee lmbt bls..tenet sy prob..huhu..

ade sign halal..dats y sy g mkn..kalox,mmg x g.hee..

kimchi...sumtimes ade,sumtimes x..depends la..coz die buffet style.ape yg die bg,tu la yg kite amek..hehe

slmt mkn!!

YvoNn3 ZakhARov Ros3nBLuM said...

hy nadia...search bout seoul garden n suddenly found ur blog...
sy pna mkn gak ktseoul garden sblm ni..tp awk kate rm 40 per pax and drinks not included?
knape mhal sgt?
cz sblm ni sy mkan kt mahkota parade dlm 2o lebh je per pax and tmsk air...
ke sbb awk g time buke pose@dinner?

nadia.H said...

awk student kot...sy pgi 2org aritu tnjuk student kad pn rm60..gitu2 la coz due2 student..

tp 1st time sy g,xtunjuk student kad..kne charge 70++ utk 2 org..so sy assume je la sorg 40..hehehe..