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Sunday, September 13, 2009


will u where like dis in public?
forget the fact dat she look like jus wk up n straight to dine out
forget the fact dat she oledi married n got childrens
or the fact dat its 8am in the morning
which is quite cold and windy even in malaysia....
or dat she is malay and a muslim...

if as a mother she wear like dis in public
den dats mean its ok for her gurl to do so later on rite?
and her husband?
jus smiling like kerang busuk wen we all look at her wife repeatedly..

forget bout the short shorts..
the top?
wat,she's out of bby tee?or jeans?

im literally threw up inside my soul
my heart aching
my head spinning
im not saying dat im such a gud muslimah
but this kind of things....
mk u wonder...
nilai2 agama makin nipis dlm hidup kite.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

im back bby!

back in moscow..
nice weather
got 5 new bby kittens..( later i'll post their pic...)
plus coc jumbo..hehe
n i think i handle all the gudbyes n berat2 ati kt epot tu..
pretty well..hehe
so,later i'll update more k..
see how moscow in fall look like..