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Friday, July 29, 2011

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System..love!

yay! got a new toy!
which i loveee very much.
its an Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System.
been waiting for it to arrives for ages..till i actually i forgot bout it..
bought it from amazon,don't know what happened.but alas,its here! wee!!
price is $29.90,shipping is $13.90. bit expensive for me.
but compared to clarisonic,this is much3 better.
i read that sephora malaysia sell clarisonic for rm8++?
no way,not in  this life will i buy that.hehe..

before,i used an automatic toothbrush.
you know,the one that spin by itself..
but not for my teeth.for my face.
the effect is kinda same,but the brush is too small.
the olay brush,is soo soft.

anyway,excuse me...i want  need to wash my face.again.


sri said...

when is it coming to malaysia?? been wanting it!! :((
how much if you convert to RM?

nadia.H said...

hi sri..

i dont think olay will bring it to malaysia.sadly.

i bought it from amazon.com.after converting to RM ,the price range shud be around rm155.00.but still so much much much cheaper than clarisonic.

hope u be able to find it dear!

Anonymous said...

this product really wont bring in to malaysia??
got problem with the shipping date??

nadia.H said...

hi dear anon,

sorry,i really am don't know whether they will bring it to malaysia or not.

yes,the shipping got really late till the point that i forgot bout it already.

hope it doesnt happen to u =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I check at Amazon there, but why the shipping is too expensive? How to you get this place? They ship this item to Malaysia.

nadia.H said...

hi anon,
sorry for the late reply.been bz..( yaeh,rite..lol )

as for the shipping fees,i think its standard for international shipping to malaysia.

are u a malysian? if yes,try check out at lowyat forum.