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Sunday, April 24, 2011

beaching bbq!

i love today =)
me n beskut went to tanjung leman for some sun,beach and hardcore bbq - ing..hehe
so,here's some food porn for ya! ooppss...

 1st goes in the potatoes...

 then the wieners...i've marinated them overnight with everything i had at home..and it taste...hurmm..sedap     giler?ahahaha...

then  here comes the wings bebeh!

 and more wings....

 then some squid...yummy yummy yummy...but as soon as we grill these babies down,langau start menyerang..its all over our food..pretty.damn.annoying. even when we ate,we beskut have to kept fanning them away..

 then for dessert,i just dumped a heap full of sucrose ( sj gune sucrose,so bunyik cm hebat sket..ahahaha) on a halves bananas,and smoked it until caramelized...i even dumped a tablespoon of sugar for the ants to eat =)

 we both are soooo  not a  fish - eaters,but whats bbq with out any fish right?

serat itu penting utk kesihatan..thats why i brought along some lettuce..but at the end, i only ate 1,yes peeps..just ONE leave of lettuce..hehehe...

p/s: u cant see it,but here we,  beskut were fanning frantically to avoid the langau from our food..

here is the caramelized banana...don't look too good,but spoon licking good!

ok,enuf with the food...here is some picture's other than food..

 the beach.. i don't really like the beach..its full with sharp pointy rocks...sobsobsob..

 then we do some scrabble and uno card's..yes,we are that lame..haha
people kept throwing us some weird looks..

and here,u can see the sibu island at the back..pretty ain't it?

we swam,well..actually beskut swam,and i just floated with my spiderman boya..ahaha..until quite late,than we headed home...man,i love weekends!

p/s/s : still remember with the 3 potatoes?we cooked it for soo long that it end up burnt at the outside,but still uncooked in the inside..so we gv it toss it to a group of monkeys at the bush nearby..hehe..rezeki korg la monyet...

( ̄(エ) ̄)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

which anime are you?

i hate it when i can't sleep
which is uncommon for me..hehe
but normally i've got things to do
or at least a book to read
but tonight,after a severe case of tossed & turned
i still cant bring my self to sleep..
sux big timeeeee...
so i decided to watch an anime
RUROUNI KENSHIN or samurai x
palong kept asking me to watch them
so,what the heck..

do you watch an anime?
still remember what is your 1st anime ever?
mine was CHOBITS.

my latest obsession?
that would be ONE PIECE!

my old time fevret?
hikaru no go
yakitate ( obviously )
lucky star ( wuhuu! )
ouran high school
initial d ( even its unlacked with handsme guys =p )
cooking master boy

my dislikes?
full metal alchemist..definitely full metal alchemist..
its too dark for my soul.. X_X

i love naruto and bleach in case you're wondering..but just the early seasons..hehe...

Friday, April 15, 2011

someday =)

view from my 13th floor hostel window

there is something about moscow that i miss
but i just cant put my finger on it
after lived there for 7 years and finally leave it
i felt relieved..hehe

maybe its the environment?
 i like its early winter morning..
and the first snow
and the metro stations
and the arts..oh my god..the arts...so stunning and beautiful
and the first peek of green grass as the spring comes
and the summer breeze at night
taking a walk at the park
sunbathing or rowing boat or just simply gazing at the ducks
and when the trees turn yellow during fall..
i miss that a lot..

i love the food
great cheeses widely available
shaurma , kartoshka , borsh , kitaiski salad..omg..
great sushi is every where
haha..i think i just listed all non-ruski food here..lol!
okla,i also love their blini & ponciki..
and their honey...wow..russian honey is the best honey i ever tasted..
and caviar...yummm...hehe...

maybe someday i should go back there
when money no longer an issue
after i get married
after we bought a house
after there is a little boy and little girl
or mybe both boys,or both girls.. i dont care.. hehe
after we could tk a deep breath and ready
then i'll be sure to come back
to this place
where its all begin...

dasvidania for now... =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


apparently..i'm this....


i can't be trusted.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

meow ku pulang dari moscow

  coco jumbo

maidin - squirrel mode!

these are the passport for my cats..yes people,its for my CATS..im planning to fly em over from moscow back to malaysia...with their name,and picture,omg!! how cute was that?

thanks to my brother,for doing all the hardworks for us..the papperwork,the vaccine,the passport,the ticket,    ( yes,they also have a flight tickets..hehe..i wonder if they gonna have a boarding pass? ) tq adikk..later akk blnje mkn kfc byk2 k..hehe.....the list goes on and on and on...and the quaratine period..omg!!! just hoping that they could survive malaysian weather.and let them actually be a cat for once..they've been cooped up in a small room in our hostel since we've got them..and let they taste a fresh fish after this..hehe..

cant wait to meet them...wee!!(ノ´∀`*)ノ

new friends

i cant help but falling in love with these 3 persons, sitting so sweetly closed to each other,smiling prettily into the camera.
cant help but feeling close to them eventho we know each other for only 4 days.
cant help but feeling sad when we parted ways at the airport.im sooo not a people person,but with them,everything just fall into places..
like with shazia,we haven't met each other for a very long time...but the moment we saw each other,we talked like we've met everyday.
so,thank for the memorable holidays guys.
im quite jealous with your strong friendship,but im glad that now im part of it...
ye ke?ahaha..perasan je..lol!

anyway,love u n miss u four like crazyy!!

wanna look more pictures from our holiday in sandakan? head over to siti's blog..here..as im not brave enuf to jumble up  from 12gb's of pictures..hehehe..

Monday, April 4, 2011

kawaii - ness

 look at this cuteness.....awwww....

 domo kun

 bear chan..


 cookie monster >_<

 rebbit? chick?


 lolipop lolipop loli loli 

 canon? im a nikon-ian..hehe


elephant mcm dlm pocoyo..if only his pink..hehe

what are they?
they are.....


rm1.50 for one..super cheap ea?
but kinda regret buying these,coz they are super kawaii and adorable and we end up didn't eat rm at all...
still sitting in our fridge...
miss dur,bile mau habeskn bekut2 ni?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tx god its friday

Lunch date with en beskut..

Strawberry surprise ^_^

French onion soup.yucky!too watery & salty.plus,the cheese on top is waaaaayy to thick for my liking...

Chicken quesadilas with rice,guacomole & tomato salsa.i skipped the rice totally.the quesadillas?heavenly delish!!

Good old mac & cheese.the pasta was a bit undercooked..for my taste.and a little bland..

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