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Friday, April 15, 2011

someday =)

view from my 13th floor hostel window

there is something about moscow that i miss
but i just cant put my finger on it
after lived there for 7 years and finally leave it
i felt relieved..hehe

maybe its the environment?
 i like its early winter morning..
and the first snow
and the metro stations
and the arts..oh my god..the arts...so stunning and beautiful
and the first peek of green grass as the spring comes
and the summer breeze at night
taking a walk at the park
sunbathing or rowing boat or just simply gazing at the ducks
and when the trees turn yellow during fall..
i miss that a lot..

i love the food
great cheeses widely available
shaurma , kartoshka , borsh , kitaiski salad..omg..
great sushi is every where
haha..i think i just listed all non-ruski food here..lol!
okla,i also love their blini & ponciki..
and their honey...wow..russian honey is the best honey i ever tasted..
and caviar...yummm...hehe...

maybe someday i should go back there
when money no longer an issue
after i get married
after we bought a house
after there is a little boy and little girl
or mybe both boys,or both girls.. i dont care.. hehe
after we could tk a deep breath and ready
then i'll be sure to come back
to this place
where its all begin...

dasvidania for now... =)