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Thursday, April 7, 2011

new friends

i cant help but falling in love with these 3 persons, sitting so sweetly closed to each other,smiling prettily into the camera.
cant help but feeling close to them eventho we know each other for only 4 days.
cant help but feeling sad when we parted ways at the airport.im sooo not a people person,but with them,everything just fall into places..
like with shazia,we haven't met each other for a very long time...but the moment we saw each other,we talked like we've met everyday.
so,thank for the memorable holidays guys.
im quite jealous with your strong friendship,but im glad that now im part of it...
ye ke?ahaha..perasan je..lol!

anyway,love u n miss u four like crazyy!!

wanna look more pictures from our holiday in sandakan? head over to siti's blog..here..as im not brave enuf to jumble up  from 12gb's of pictures..hehehe..