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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


just now I've spring cleaned my wardrobe
taking out all the clothes,jeans,skirts,dresses that i can no longer wear
wow....such an eye opener..
i went from XS to XXL..
how does that happened?
yes i know I've gained weight..A LOT!
but to be from extra small to extra,extra large?
I'm to blame.i just cant denied good foods.
nor i cant stop myself from eating or binging out.
i ate when I'm happy.
i ate when I'm sad.
i ate when I'm bored and i just ate all the time.
people have been pointing it out to me
even my parents and siblings started calling me names..mok,dug,etc..
even beskut called me beruang a&w..even tho i thought..its pretty cute..haha
i don't mind them..coz i know,deep down..they care.

but sometimes people can say something so hurtful like...

"ko lg gemuk dr aku la nadia..aku xde la gemuk mcm ko" - smbil pndang ats bwh
"knp ko giant skrg? " - komen kt fb
"waaah..ni bdn ke batu.." - komen pas amek gmbr rmi2..
"ko tembam la nadia" - woo?


people take a look at this body,and they assumed that they are better than me.even when i went to shop..salesgirl levis?salesgirl zara,topshop,mango?
"sorry we don't carry your size..maybe you should go check at jusco for plus size clothing"

for those anorexic girl....im glad i can make your day by making you feel beautiful.

pls..I'm tired with the fat jokes.I'M FAT!
deal with it!


uncle pajero blur lnggar sy rini...xtau pe mslh die nk bwk lju time jln jam gile..tb2 bunyik kuat gile..Alhamdullilah x trlnggr harrier kt dpn..ujan lebat plk tu..dlm kete xde payung..
rupe2nye blkng pajero plk de camry..haishhh..nk je sy luku2 pkcik blurr ni..ajk bncng..die diam je xnk ckp pape lngsung.die kol tow truck,suh jmpe kt balai..sy dgn bengang pn g la..tgh tensi2..kt dpn gate balai polis tu..trnmpk bnde ni..

hehehe..klakr ok..trpkse la upload kt fb,n tagged kwn sy yg bername rafiq..pd kwn2 yg de kwn len nme rafiw gk..sile la tag ye!hohohoho...

syok cuti raye

nape sy letak gmbr mail box ni?
sbb dlm mail box ni de kucen.
yg sebok meow2 nk kuar kelapran
npe meow ni x kuar ikut pntu?

sbb tuan die sebok beraye 2mnggu..
xblk2 lg.and b4 pegi..xcek tgk kucen sndr dh kuarkn ke blum
ni yg wat aku mrh ni..sian kucing tu kelprn..
hrp2 kucing tu knyg mkn ikn goreng 2ekor smpi tuan die blk
tokey kdi sblh ckp,dieorg akn blk dr siam arini ataupn esok..
rs nk pecahkan mailbox tu okeh!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Huízú Hot Wok Johor Bahru

i get bored eating at the same place and the same thing everyday
so i've done some researched and stumbled upon this restaurant
people were crazee bout this place
its hard to find a chinese halal restaurant in jb
i've been craving for korean food..but there are no halal korean rest here..sobsob..
so,today for lunch..i decided to give this place a try..

so far so good..

we decided to order the set menu.easy!

ayat kursi..nice calligraphy >_<

i ordered this dragon fruit juice since its been recommended by many people..but,its undrinkable.at least by me..i hate the taste of the fruit..i like the dragon fruits alright..but the juice..hurm..just don't agree with my palette..

corn soup with crab meat...watery and a tad too salty for my taste..i wish it a little bit thicker,with a dash of black pepper to give it a little bit umphh..

prawn oat~~~~ 5 stars!!!

chicken lemon...it could be better..tender juicy chicken slices..

kailan with meat..again,nothing special..i can ordered this from anywhere..

maybe i should revised the menu again before simply settling for the set menu.
should try something that i never tried before..that the point of eating out right?
anyone care to join me?hehehe...

you wanna go & check it out?

Huízú Hot Wok
Chinese muslim restaurant
Mutiara Square, Taman Mutiara Rini
27 Jalan Utama 43, 81300 Skudai, Johor Bahru, JOHOR

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Medan Asam Pedas Parit Jawa Muar

Are you a kipas-susah -mati of asam pedas?
if u do..like my dad..
do go check out medan asam pedas at Parit Jawa Muar..
lucky for baba that its near our grandma's house
resulting with frequent visits every single time..
even during aidilfitri..
the fish are fresh.tasty ,soft and juicy..yummy!
but baba said,the gravy could be better..
i won't know the differences anyway..he is the expert..hehe



do check it out k!
im proud with my Parit Jawa!

Ichiban Ramen Johor Bahru

i've been planning to post about this for a while now..
my favourite place to eat whenever i went to jusco tebrau.
ichiban ramen!
the bento sets prices ranging from rm20+ to 30++
all bentos come with cut fruits ( watermelon ),chawan mushi,rice and miso soup..
totally worth it!

my ebi tempura bento..crispy ebi tempura..yummy!

silky smooth chawan mushi..with prawn and ginko..mmm....

sutun kekenyangan already..
but unlike sushi king,they charge their green tea rm2 per glass.hot or cold.
kinda pricey don't u think?

interested? go check it out!

Ichiban Ramen Restaurant

S45, Jusco Tebrau City,

Jalan Desa Tebrau,

Johor Bahru 81100,

beskut bg biskut

I ask him to buy some famous amos for me
" bli sket je..teringin plak nk mkn.."

and i end up with 6 bags of cookies
happy day!

tandas mahal klcc

smlm di klcc,kami gedix nk try tndas rm2 klcc
siap dpt resit and tisu bsh woo!
fancy giler..
tp frust sket sbb toilet tu xde la sebersih mane pn..
ade gk bau2 yg xmenyenangkan..eeww...
tp xpe la..xcube,kite xtau kn..

washing area..

tp yg besnye,dpt pki brng2 bodyshop free! de body mist,face soray,talcum & lotion.

kat area changing diaper plak,de bedak and lotion johnson2..
kire ok la..
but will i ever pay rm2 utk g tolet lg?

Malay Village Restaurant Johor Bahru

its 1.09am now
im tired & sleepy
but in the mood to blog bout our dinner just now
at malay village restaurant
so,stop rambling..and start with the food blogging..hehe

starter: otak2 ...taste kinda like rendang..
im not a big fan for otak2,so..this was ok for me.

my drink..sour sop juice.made from real fruit.yummylicious....

haziq's sirap bandung bersoda..

siakap 3 rasa..the fish was fried to perfection.crispy and no muddy taste at all..i ate the tail n head parts..super crunchy!but the sauce was so-so..it taste more like a sweet & sour rather than 3 rasa...

sotong goreng tepung..i love squid.i love deep fried food.so,this is a total winner!

kerabu mannga..hurmm...i like the one from my friend restaurant better..

the surrounding :

our cabana...beautiful ambiance,romantic feeling,secluded & total privacy!

my sis tot & haziq

water lily?

hehe..old beca..

ok,time to sleep!

if you interested,go check it out :

Restoran Malay Village
Jalan Chat
80400 Johor Bahru
Johor Darul Takzim.

roxy promotion

good news to all roxy lover's
now if u buy a flip flop from roxy
u get to buy a second pair with just adding another rm20!
rm 10 for roxy's members
but the total of both pairs must be belom rm99.90
so watcha waitin for?
g bli cpt! g! g!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

saye & isu semasa

tentang isu "ganyang malaysia"..

sebagai rakyat malaysia..pastinye sy rs panas,sensitif,hati terguris
tp fikir sekali - marah yg amat
fikir 2 kali - knp nk diperbesarkan?adat manusia..xkira kaum,bangsa ataupun agama..memang akn ade perasaan hasad dengki..
fikir kali ke 3 - masih ade rs marah..ini negara kite.tnh tumpah.tmpt lahir.tmpt kehidupan bermula.jika bukan kite yg pertahankn maruah Negara sndiri..siape lg yg akn pertahankn?
jika tidak,xkn sy rs gembira tiap kali jejak kn kaki di klia.saat tyr kpl terbang cecah ke landasan ,hati rs berbunga.walaupun sbnrnye skrg dh rs kurng selamat di negara sndr..plaza angsana waktu cuti awam?dh mcm berada di negara jiran..smpi kdng2 pkcik cab pun tnye,awk asal kg kt mane?..jd ape lngkah paling tepat yg ptt kite buat?berdiam?atau lawan semula?

org kate " api jgn dilawan dgn api "..sy fhm tu..kalau kte ni api..
tp ni kite manusia.kompleks.berakal.beremosi.kdng2 bile api dilwnkn dgn air..ape yg api buat?
makin menyala..makin membenci..betulkn?sbb tu selagi kite berdiam,mereka berani terus mencerca.bukan niat utk buat propaganda.skdr luahan.sedih bile bace dlm akhbar jalur gemilang dipijak,dibakar,di conteng "MALINGsia.bile kite sedari kecil tiap pagi,mendongak tinggi ke tiang bendera,menyanyikn lagu Negaraku walaupn pitching lari..hehehe

tentang isu "facebook"..

makin takut tengok anak2 islam bebas minum arak..pki rantai salib..kutuk agama sndr..
dan upload gmbr dgn bangga dlm facebook..rse ngeri...mungkin org akn anggap,baik buat jahat terang2 drpd jd poyo pure2 baik,tp sbnrnnye bertopengkan syaitan,atau baik jd diri sndr..nk wat pe pure2 jd org len..ade benar dan ade slhnye..tp lebih pd slh.npe nk buke pekung sndr?atau if xrs itu sbgi pekung sbb rs ape yg dibuat tu btul..npe nk mrh2?perasan x?ayat2 biase org2 begini akn pki bile ditegur atau disoal kelakuan mreka oleh org len..

1) mak bpk aku pun xmarah,yg ko nk sebok plak apesal?
2) ade aku mintak duit kat ko?
3) aku kje mcmni pun ( bartending ) keje halal,bkn aku rompak org!
3) ni antara aku dan tuhan,ko xpyh nk sebok2
4) dh tue nnt aku insafla.skrg kne enjoy dulu
5) tuhan bg aku body mcm ni..sbb tu aku tayang..aku bersyukur la ni

dan biasenye,dgn nada marah..penuh dgn exclamation marks (!!!!!!) dan huruf besar..(nak menunjukkn marah yg amat sbb rs pendapat diri sndr dikecam )

mungkin korg akn ade tendency nk sepak muke mereka laju2 bile dengar /bace ayt2 mcm ni..
mungkin juga reaksi anda hanyelah ...tuuuuutttt.... flatline,sbb xtau ape reaksi yg betul.
mungkin anda hanya akan tersenyum,dgn tenang..cube bidas blk dgn ayt yg msk akal,dan intonasi yg lembut..tp adekah mereka2 ini akn terima?

sy mengaku.sy addicted pd facebook.sikit2 nk tgk ,nk on9,nk komen,nk update.sy rindukn the good old days...bile internet bukan bnde utama dlm hidup.tp mmg susah nk let go.alsan paling selalu sy pki.."sng nk update dgn kwn2"...dlm 4++ frenlist sy tu..rsnye hanye 4,5 org je yg mmg btul2 kawan..yg len hanya kawan yg bau2 bacang je.hehe..sy pasti,rmi yg ade simptom2 mcm sy gk..tp kite cube nk deny.how come our whole existance been defied by a mere social website? ( sy pasti byk kesalhn grammr dan ejaan..)

sy sndr hopokrit dgn dr sndr..cube utk jd hambaNya yg baik..tp masih xbertudung dgn sempurna.masih bertutur dgn ayt 2 biadap.masih lg culas nk lengkapkn 5 yg fardu tiap2 hari.yg sunat jauh sekali.cube harapkn ketenangan hakiki..tp diri masih tegar buat silap.mungkin pakaian,percakapan,perlakuan boleh ditukar.tp selalunye hati yg slalu gagalkn sy.dh berpakaian lengkap,jln diam xberkate,tp tb2 lalu kt dpn sape2 ( eg: pki seksi gile)..automatikli,dlm hati akn terlintas "makaih..teruknye org ni" itu dh kire dosa kn? sshnye nk menjaga hati..
paling sy kesal dgn dr sndr..riak and tinggi diri..tkt..tkt dgn cubaan yg Allah bg..kdng2 ade org yg ingtkn..tp slalunye alpa.leka.senang cite..xsedar2 diri.huhu..utk kekwn,jika rs meluat dgn sy..sile tegur.tp maaf kalo sy kdng2 xtrime.resam kite..senang bg nasihat,tp sukar nk menerima.

tentang isu "kawan"

sy tau putuskn persahabatan tu slh.tp rs dunia mcm dh terbalik.dgn kwn yg dulu tdo sblh ktl,bertepuk tmpr,hanging out kt koridor asrama smpi 2,3 pg kunun2nye stadi tp sbnrnye bergossip..jd jauh.jauh sgt2..dgn kwn2 yg dulu setakat hai2 je,jd rapat plk.adekah cume sy yg alami bnde ni?

kesal.ituje yg bole sy ckp.tp sy rs,baik putuskn dr terus pure2 berkwn.utk ape ucap sori byk kali,atau cube tnye ape masalah sbnrnye bile cume 1 phk je yg respond.1 phk lg,wat xtau.xgune kn?

wah..dh pnjng rupenye,,pttla dh rs pnt menaip..okla.tu je.sy xpasti de org nk bce pepnjng ni.tp xpela..luahan hati.luahan minda.peringatan utk diri sndr.rindu plk nk wat karangan kt skola.

bnde menarik yg terjadi harini dgn fifi ( kazen umur 4thn )
fifi: kak ngah,nnt ble tgk upin ipin x?
me : maybe
fifi: (diam kjp ) mebi tu ape?
me: ( diam pk ) mungkin
fifi : (muke blur ) mungkin tu ape?
me: ( muke gabra ) errrr..haaa..agknye!
fifi: oooo..ckpla agknye..kn sng!

such simple sweet mind.yela..npe kite nk kusutkn kepale dgn bnde2 yg remeh.simple is better,rite?

salam ukhwah.