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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


just now I've spring cleaned my wardrobe
taking out all the clothes,jeans,skirts,dresses that i can no longer wear
wow....such an eye opener..
i went from XS to XXL..
how does that happened?
yes i know I've gained weight..A LOT!
but to be from extra small to extra,extra large?
I'm to blame.i just cant denied good foods.
nor i cant stop myself from eating or binging out.
i ate when I'm happy.
i ate when I'm sad.
i ate when I'm bored and i just ate all the time.
people have been pointing it out to me
even my parents and siblings started calling me names..mok,dug,etc..
even beskut called me beruang a&w..even tho i thought..its pretty cute..haha
i don't mind them..coz i know,deep down..they care.

but sometimes people can say something so hurtful like...

"ko lg gemuk dr aku la nadia..aku xde la gemuk mcm ko" - smbil pndang ats bwh
"knp ko giant skrg? " - komen kt fb
"waaah..ni bdn ke batu.." - komen pas amek gmbr rmi2..
"ko tembam la nadia" - woo?


people take a look at this body,and they assumed that they are better than me.even when i went to shop..salesgirl levis?salesgirl zara,topshop,mango?
"sorry we don't carry your size..maybe you should go check at jusco for plus size clothing"

for those anorexic girl....im glad i can make your day by making you feel beautiful.

pls..I'm tired with the fat jokes.I'M FAT!
deal with it!


Anonymous said...

ak rasa mcm ko tipu jer wei..dulu xs ker???time sebelum aku kenal ko eh??hehe..

salesgurls tuh mmg toomuch kot..mari kita ramai2 saman kedai2 like that yg tsnadard size dia xckp tuk kita..y??are we considered as bukan standard size???

alamak ter-emo..hehe....~pieya~

nadia.H said...

tipu ker?tu kn de bukti..time awl2 kt moscow..haha..skrg mcm dh nk XXXL je..lalalla