..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Friday, July 31, 2009

new ohana

introducing our new fmly member...

this is blackie jr...
( yg kene geget aritu..pls refer to my last post>>)
now he's healthy as a lamb! (???)

and this is peanut butter..
aint she cute??

xpyh besar la bby...
kecik je camtu...kn best..
ble carry around dlm poket pyjama..hehehe >_<
am in lurve.....................

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bad day ever...so far...

how bad/worse can your day be?
well..its all started wif a pleasant moning when i wk up kinda early
8-ish am is early for me k..hehe..
then i jus layed down ehem ehem
reading story book
memlskn diri mmg la sgt best..
till 9.30am..get up,hit the shower,get ready
n have breakfast wif baba
go to bank,get home
start doing laundry n all
till 12.30noon..

pretty decent monin eh?
yep.....i do tot so...

till 1.07pm
dat i remember to fetch my sis from skul
waiting punye waiting till 1.30pm
she still no where in sight
den,it hits me...
dem!she got klas tmbhn till 3pm la tu..
trpksela pth blk ke umh..

as i continued my "memalaskn diri" phase
chatting away wif salina
xsedar dh kul 3++
itu pun coz baba remind me by asking
"adik awk dh smpi umh lum??"
me wif such hurry dat i didnt change my shorts
den hv to cover my leg using towel yg still a bit damp from ampai
rush to her skul jus to found her kt tepi jln
dh half way nk smpi umh..

den my 3rd phase of "mlskn dr" started again..
again in my room wif all my meows
tb2 meow jerit kuat2
rupenye ade sekor moew sesat try to eat the babies
1 baby did injured
bleeding at jugular
again,rushing while panicking
kicking my sis who felt asleep (hahaha!!)
asking her to get ready,get the meow,open the gate,locked the door,etc..
drive like mad to vet
jus to realize dat i didnt bring my wallet
wen we oledi arrived
the vet plak can talk calmly
"ni bile kene ni?" ( sile bace dgn nada plng slow yg anda mampu..)
felt like kicking the vet..haha
den time byr..
vet : sume skali 40,ubt ni sapu 2x,n antibiotik bg abes
me : errrrr...ble x if sy dtg blk nnt.sy wallet pn xbwk ni.nk cpt sgt td..
vet: bole2..tp kene dtg b4 kul 8mlm.
me: ok2..sorry k..hehehe..

den went to ibu work's place
to get money from her..
coz even i get my wallet at home,i didnt hv any cash..huhuhu
on the way,as im rushing
tb2 terlnggr bumper odyssey on my left side..
makin la panik jdnye..
my sis oledi like.."awk ni angh...nape tu pn xnmpk!"
cet..xmembantu lngsung!
i tried to wait for the owner
but im in hurry plus my car was blocking the way
so i parked my car a bit further
as my sis went to get the the money
i tk a look at the car
calar balar pintu kete mak aku...tidak!!!
peluh2 cuak dh start kuar..
den my sis ckp,kete tu dh xde la ngah..
fuh..at least im not langgar n lari dgn sengaje la kn..
but,seyesly..sorry la pd pemilik odeyssey tu..
im truely am..

den rushed back to the vet
but this time its oledi 6.30pm
jln jam gile coz org blk keje..
calling my mkcik

ucu : yes..wat do u want...??
me : ucuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kete ibu calar!!!!!!!!
ucu : ko ni angh...mcm ne la ble calar.?
me : nnt la story,ne bengkel still bkk g?kene polish b4 ibu tau!!
ucu : haa..dtg cni amek ucu,kite tgk truk ke x..
me : oh makcikku!ucu mmg bes!
ucu : cet!

luckily the vet n my mkcik's work place near e/o
by 7.00pm i fetched ucu
wait for her husband
n we go to the workshop together..
in my mind i oledi tot
abesla..ni mesti beratus ni..
coz mmg calar teruk gile..

in the car..
me : ucu byrkn dulu eh.xbwk wallet aa..hehe
ucu : ish,suke2 je drive lesen pn xbwk..t kene thn,xde ic..
me : ish,xmungkin!
my sis : nape asal jmpe ucu je mesti rs lapar ek?
hahahaha....sengalnye adik..
ayat indirect mntk blnje mkn..hohohoh..

arrived at the workshop
abg mekanik : teruk gak ni,abes cat die
me : haa??ala..cmne ni..( start panik attack lg )
abg mekanik : tp xpe,ble polish je..sbb x lekuk..
me : fuh..

as we waiting for my car we ate at a restaurant
i asked for tomyam aym..
the tom yam was super hot
but by 8pm,the car was ready
the calar was gone!
yeah!!! n the fun part is the charge was only rm50..
i dunno whether its expensice o not..
never in my life i sent a car to workshop b4..
but,boy..was im glad..

by 8.55pm
ibu kol me asking my whereabouts..
hv to lie to her..(bohong sunat) as dun want her to know..
alhamdulillah everytin goes smoothly after dat..
got home safe n sound..
n started writing this tales as to share it wif others
my never ending "no ong " day..
gile penat wooo.....

p/s: doakan dat my blackie do get well cepat.she's kinda trauma now..cian die kene cukur kt leher sbb nk sapu ubt td..knp la aku xttp pntu umh td!!!

p/s/s : siap ko kucing sesat!aku jumpe ko aku s...t2 ko 3,4x..hehehe

Saturday, July 18, 2009

jus a piece of my mind...

anis hv updated her blog bout out recent rafting trip..
so rajin la dat gurl
hoping that i oso could be like her
full of energy all the time..
mesti die pki btry energizer sbnrnye..
aku pki btry korok2 je..
tu psl la jd mcm ni..

later la i write bout the trip
anis basicly dh cover all the stories
plus i got no pics wif me
i tot anis oledi copy it into my memory card
tp still xde...pelik2..hmmm....

nway,before ..anis asked me bout wat did i do in jb..
yala..beside from wk up at 10am onwards each monin..
( jgn tiru perlakuan ini ye adik2..hohoho..)
wk up,gettin ready for brunch either wif baba,or ibu,or both..
jd maid/drivers/baba's secretary ( opis boy ) / tukng byr bil itu ini..
lunch date either wif ucu/any of my frens / going to gym ( which is rare...dem...)
n all dis normally will end before magrib
den again as a driver,hv to sent my sis to tuisyen klas
go to anywhere dat i want or need to as her klas will end at 9.30
den diner wif whole fmly kat kdi.
blk umh,hv to angkat bj so dat tomorrow can sdi bj again..hohohoo..
n by this time..im flat oledi..

cant complain much
coz it still beats living in moscow
at least i dun hv to wear thick coat wif gloves n muffler
or winter boots,thick wool socks n carry super heavy bag
all around town.
or sweating like h**l in summer
using public transport wif no ekon n a thight shut windows..

huhuhuu..nmpk sgt la selame ni
aku xbersyukur dgn nikmat yg tuhan bagi..
betul la..
ujan batu di negeri orang..
ujan emas di negeri sendiri...

p/s: dem!dh terjangkit puan majistret nye penyakit..hohohohoh...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

cho cho choing my way to jb

i decided to tk a train from kl - jb
a train which supposed to departed at 9.30pm,
hv been delayed till 10.15pm
than again to 11pm..
by 11.30 the train still not arrived..
at last 11.35pm the train arrived..
and departed at 12.00midnite..

beskut boooing the train...
apela ktm ni.......

happily inside the train..
our bunk facing each other rather than upper n lower.
look how much bags we got
compare wif others who travel basicly wif notin..

me in my 36 bed

here is the bed..
bantal die sediakn 1 je
the small 1 is from emirates..hehe
n the other 1 is my "special" pillow..hehehe
(alaaa..bntal busukla senang cite..kekeke)

shhh..xmo ckp kuat2..org nk tdo..

i woke up looking at the monin sky..
this is around 6am..
which is the supposed time i should arrived in jb

circa 7.30am...

nway here is the view inside the cabin.
right side from my bunk..

left side from my bunk..

at last!! we arrived jb at 11.30am!!
5 hr 30 mins late from the original time..
ibu n baba kol pun jus nk gelakkn
they said.."tu la..nk sgt adventure..nk nek train..best x?"
and followed wif a non stop laugh.

all n all,bes gak sbnrnye..
aside from the delayed..for me it was a pretty gud experience..

baba cadangkan next time try nek bus stop2 tu..
ade sesape nk join??

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dubai...new airport..

or better i say a new wings attached to the old 1
its spacious,sparkling and basicly all new..

at first,i tot nk tk tour around dubai while transit
but due to short transit hour,
H1N1 break,plus the prices for the tour...errr...
xpela..jln2 dlm epot pun jd la..

they even got a tree n air flowing2 kt dlm epot!

beskut tired face..
antara rela x rela kene pakse amek gmbr sesame..

uiii..bes nye kete ni...

p/s:im the 1 who asked him to act like he won the sweet2 car..

spending 5hours here is tolerable for me.
wif free wifi
easy to get halal foods
spacious resting chair
jus hope next time my flight will neva be delayed ever again!
hahaha..as if!

bowl me over!

meeting wif the gurls is the highlight of my june trip to kl
shh..dun tell beskut i say dat..haha
but really..
every1 was so sweet..
takin their time of from works,
come jauh nun from penang & n9,
snggup stay @ uia dat nite
granted that the date was started late
but still havin a gud time!
we ate lunch at penang eatery..pity piah for the choices..
sowee dearie..=p
den go bowling at Ou mall
here they are..

too bad anis n nik cant make it..
anis was bz wif her papers
nik was workin till night
poor gurl..
but congrats to her dat she got a new job in pj!

me wif piah..
gurl,prsn x?we alwys shot a sweet pic together!

our names on the screen the "before" shots
the after shot..ahahaha..xpyh la tunjuk..

nana posing wif the bowling ball

deqno didnt play due to her wrist injury.
kirin was star of the game..
so kagum wif her..
all her throw either strike or left bout 2,3 pins only..
coz she win the game,we had her treat us an ice cream..
ahaha..jht sungguh kami2 ni sume..
n start from that moment..i got a bowlin' fever..


never knew that going to aquaria can be this much fun!

beskut having time of his life!

me wif tortoise..
cool..die sgt2 la besar..

actually felt kinda scary in the underwater tunnel..
see the jaws up there?
can see their teeth pretty clear..

me having my time of my life..wuuuhooo!!

seb bek the piranha all feed up
if not myb they'll think that beskut was their food

beskut touching the sand jaws baby..
its only 1 - 2 month old..

actually i kinda eewww wif this creatures..
notice the long neck?
it moved like a snake

webbery tarantula
having his own sweet2 time..hehe..

i told ya!

uuuu...rs nk pegi lg!!!