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Thursday, July 9, 2009

cho cho choing my way to jb

i decided to tk a train from kl - jb
a train which supposed to departed at 9.30pm,
hv been delayed till 10.15pm
than again to 11pm..
by 11.30 the train still not arrived..
at last 11.35pm the train arrived..
and departed at 12.00midnite..

beskut boooing the train...
apela ktm ni.......

happily inside the train..
our bunk facing each other rather than upper n lower.
look how much bags we got
compare wif others who travel basicly wif notin..

me in my 36 bed

here is the bed..
bantal die sediakn 1 je
the small 1 is from emirates..hehe
n the other 1 is my "special" pillow..hehehe
(alaaa..bntal busukla senang cite..kekeke)

shhh..xmo ckp kuat2..org nk tdo..

i woke up looking at the monin sky..
this is around 6am..
which is the supposed time i should arrived in jb

circa 7.30am...

nway here is the view inside the cabin.
right side from my bunk..

left side from my bunk..

at last!! we arrived jb at 11.30am!!
5 hr 30 mins late from the original time..
ibu n baba kol pun jus nk gelakkn
they said.."tu la..nk sgt adventure..nk nek train..best x?"
and followed wif a non stop laugh.

all n all,bes gak sbnrnye..
aside from the delayed..for me it was a pretty gud experience..

baba cadangkan next time try nek bus stop2 tu..
ade sesape nk join??


nurainaakabil said...

hahahaha..semangat gle..weh..rinduuu gle kot nk naik train lg..tp mmg cm sipot..slalu delay..ampess toll..hahaha..bes kn g kantin die.. ;p

nadia.H said...

aiseh,aku xsmpt nk g kntin.bantai tdo je memanjang..wahaha..ampes2..