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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

u drive me nuts

care for some nuts?
here u go...

no.no.no....this is a new packet that i just open..
sikit sgt you said?
well,beats the frog out off me..
oh my.....

yeah..this is what u got for a rm2.90 per packet nuts.
still taste good anyway..hohoho...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You see THAT girl, yeah her.
She seems so invincible right.
but just touch her & she'll flinch.
She has secrets & she trusts no one.
she's the perfect example of betrayal.
cause everyone she trusted, broke her

Iphone trick

Hye peeps!

Just wanna share something that i just discovered recently..it happened when i tried to force shut down my iphone coz its frozen..(urghh..hate it when that happened..)

So i pressed the home and off button like always,but suddenly there's the "kachak" sound..u know..the sound that iphone makes when you use the camera..yesss...that sound...hehe..

Anyway,im curious coz i didn't even use my camera at that time,so i checked my camera roll..turns out,if u press the home & off button on the same time real quick,like 1sec,iphone will tk a picture of your screen..maybe its your springboard,or your wall picture..( depends on wat u hv on ur screen dat time) pretty neat huh?

I dont know if there's any benefit from it,but yeah..still..they didnt even mention it in their manual book..hehe..

Just sharing it with you guys..gv it a try k!it put a smile on my face,hope it put one on yours too..

Heppy tuesday everyone! \(^_^)/

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Monday, January 24, 2011


hati belah bagi
nk pegi xnk pegi
hidup lain sgt
gelisah je xsudah
haiyaa....pilihan hidup ke namenye nih?
dilema la wih!
ingtkn dh cukup tua nk wat keputusan sndr
rupenye xmatang2 lg
ape kes?
wih,nk pegi ke x ni?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

clinelle & H2O

metrojaya danga city mall ade sale lg..
xbyk bnde bes pn
ade henbeg kaler turqoise yg berkenan sgt2..
tp jename smart...hahaha...xper la..
if xnmpk jenama die,xpe gk..ini sgt jelas,terang lg nyata..
so tgk2 bhgn kosmetik..pn xde bnde yg menarik
tb2 nmpk clinelle ni..hrge ble thn murah.
expiry date pn lame lg..slalu clinelle jual kt sasa kn?
sbb tgh nk try cri brnd bru utk muke sy yg berbumpy bump ni..huhu

whitening pack ni,hrge asal rm111,hrge biase rm65.88,den hrge sale jd rm 30.
terpakse la bli..hahaha...
dlm tu ade
  1. snoWhite mask 50ml
  2. skin smoothing scrub 50ml
  3. UV defense spf28 white 10ml
  4. eye bright 3ml

dan ni travel pack..rm7 je..xtau hrge biase brape.dlm ni ade..
  1. deep cleansing gel 20ml
  2. moisture glow 20ml
  3. purifying toner 20ml
  4. eye bright 3ml
sape2 tau if clinelle ni any good? sy nk cube la ni..hrp2 bgs...
ok,stay gojes sume!

p/s: smlm sy try mnm air 4liter seari sbb ade org ckp its good for u...are u kidding me..asyk pegi toilet je k 1 ari tu..rs mcm xpyh pki seluar pn xpe kot..ahaha..oopss..de 18sx sket plak...peeps,2liters je dh cukup utk seari..mnm2 byk2 ble kill u..tau x?hohoho...

Friday, January 14, 2011

wet tissue dilemma

i hate removing my make up after a very long day
so the solutions would be using a wet tissues
currently im using elianto and pureen.
yes,i know pureen is baby wipes.
but heck,what good for babies butt,is gud enuf for my face!hahahaha...

both work pretty well
can be used to remove lipstick,mascara,eye shadows,and even 2 layers of foundations..
both are alcohol free
doesn't cause any break up or irritation on my skin
most important thing,easy to use for a lazy dame like me... >,

but the catch is,the elianto cost me rm12 for 30 sheets..petty decent price ain't it?
the pureen one? rm 4.20 for 2packs! so,total 60 sheets..
being a stingy3 gurl rite now..of coz i opt for the cheaper one..
hehehe..of coz its up to you.
once i gedix try using make up cleansing tissue from mac.
hurmm..lets just say.dat part of my life..would never happen again..hehehe
so its your choice peeps!
happy soping!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

dahulu & kini

jika dulu bce cleo,dh rs hebat..
skrg bce digital camera je.
jika dulu novel2 english sume tntng fiction
skrg lg suke bce yg classic.
jika dulu kuar umah smpi 1,2 pagi
skrg nk jejak ke 10 mlm pn dh rs mls.
jika dulu xheran heret beg nek bas sane sini 1 mesia
skrg sikit2 book flight or drive.
jika dulu xkesah mkn kt tepi2 jln
skrg asal nk g mkn restoren bru,msti nk cek dapur dieorg.
jika dulu tgk news or bace paper just sbb nk jwp karangan
skrg mmg 1 kewajipan.
jika dulu beli baju 80 hinggit byr xkelip mate
skrg bju 30 hinggit pn dh rs mhl.

adakah ini sbb sy makin tua?
atau sbb sy makin matang?