..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

bila hati berbicara..cewah!

no dis is not a diary
jus luahan perasaan
coz i hate dis feelin rite now
perasaan menghadap hari2 terakhir kt umh..
i've been feelin like dis since 12 yrs old..
everytime abes cuti sek,n kne blk ke hostel,aku rs mcm myt idup..
restless,helpless,sume nye less...
but the difference is..dulu pas je smpi sek,jmpe kwn2..trus lupe ibu baba..
eventho,kdg2 tergenang gak air mate sket2..( hehe..poyo2 sedey )
pas kete ibu kuar pgr je,trus ble terlompat lompat mcm xingt dunie..
smpi ibu kne kol warden coz aku xkol umh dh 2mnggu!

but now..
as soon as aku trn elevator kt departure tu..
ati mcm nk pecah
langkah rs makin lame makin berat
tp xprnh lg ade air mate kuar..
wktu slm,peluk,cium ibu baba pn
bole gelak2 lg
smpi baba tnye,awk ni xde rs sedey2 ke?
bkn xde rs sedey..
cume xble tunjuk kn je
once air mate ni mengalir..mmg xkn berenti la..
silap2 mau aku ajk mereka pth blk umh..
xkn la nk wat cmtuh kn?
aku pn nk ctrl ayu gak kt epot..

n beza nye perpisahan kali ini
once kaki jejak ke moscow
there is notin there for me
absolutely notin!
no frens,no joy,no fun,notin...
not that i dont want to hv fren
but,felt kinda enuf being stab on the front ( they all xmen stab blkg2 ni..)
and i started to felt everytin is wrong,n easily annoyed..
thats the price dat i hv to pay for being myself..
so,i jus kinda live my own life..
i dunno...
do i need frens?
jus be fren eventho i dun like it?
or jus keep living like dis?
kinda suck aite??

beskut always said..
frens actually is a people who need u wen in trouble
but forgot you in happiness..
so far,i do agree wif dat..so sad the world dat we live in..
i miss having frens like salina,piah,deqno,nana,anis,nik,kirin around..
or izit jus me yg prolem nye
coz they get along jus fine..
yup,it must be me...

rs nk tdo,n bile sedar je,trus dh kt moscow..
so i dun hve to face all the hassle of packing,saying gudbyes,n all
its too much for me..
i miss my oldself..
not feelin depressed like dis
nor having doubts wif ownself
izit a cry of help?
or jus a wkup call?
either way..at the end..im back to me..
and jus me....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

congrats piah!!

congrats to my gurl piah!!
for getting a job!!
as a sales engineer if a recalled...
no idea watsoeva on wat the job actually is..
but,am so heppy for her!!
so,gudluck n all the best for u dear!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

thank you adek ku!!

look what my sis bought & brought for me from kuantan...

well,i know the bag speak for itself..

tk a peek inside...

well,its not a suprise actually..
coz i asked her to bought it for me as i cant find it in jb..
but at the end,she jus gv me as a gift?hmmm....
nway...so heppy....
hahaha...yup!im dat crazee over starbuck..LOL..

thank you ibu!!

I woke up last wed morning
wif this at my table
(thank you soo much ibu!!! )
my second 1 actually..
got a sad story behind the 1st one..huhu..
nway,was so happy and still am..
i tot ibu dont remember that i asked for this before..
and i dont even think dat i got a slight chance to get a new one..
i mean,once u lost it..den pndi2 la beli sndr..huhu

plus its in burgundy
my last one was grey..
i do asked for purple..hehe
but,wat the heck..
it still pretty rite?
shud name it later on..

n jus hoping that it will stayed wif me till the day im retiring

Thursday, August 20, 2009


ok,i got my self a pair of crocs
bought it from a non - crocs - store..
which the sales boy said to me
this is the original limited edition..
when i asked him
how come its so dam cheap?
after i asked him,izit ori or not??
29.90 for a pair for crocs?
come on la..
ckp je la limited imitation...
but i stil bought it coz its hard to find a crimson crocs in jb
plus,who noes whether its ori or not..hehe...

a closer view

an upper view

n tapak view..so any1 who own an ori crocs,go grab ur shoes now,n compare it to mine!!

so now u noe my secret....keep it hush k!!
or i'll hunt u down...

Happy Birthday Ibunda!!

hmmm..lets start blogging again wif celebrating ibu's birthday!
which is on 24th june
i know,i know..its been waaaay back..but,bear wif me kay..

jus a simple celebration
coz ibu n baba got to work dat day..
weekday maa..
so me n nani shopped all over jb trying to find the perfect gift
for her..

u see..still in her uniform..

mango tango from SC..
hate the deco..
the original cake which is plain on top is far more beautifull than dis..
but the cake was 4 thumbs up!
( if im a mutant wif 2 extras thumb!..hehe)

baba said "ape la tls abh sponsor.."

ibu cutting her cake...

opening her prezie..
which nani dgn sengalnye wrap in a bright pink wrapper..

me n nani kol this bro..abg kantoi..
coz he kept saying.."keluarkn kek skrg ke?"
wen we oledi told him to tk out the cake when the drinks arrivd..

n lastly..our pic..ahaha
we both oso wanna tayang muke gak wat..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i got migrain now..
which is teribble coz i cant sleep
which is bad coz i love sleeping!!
anyway,later la i update the blog k..
too many things to say
recent trips
recent bad day..(ahaha!)
recent obsessions
recent haul..
see u all soon!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy birthday salina!!

1st august was salina birthday!
what i like bout her
is dat she didnt gv me a headache to think bout what to gv her
haha..siap wish list tu..
kla,so whats its gonna be?

watch? i tot u oledi got a new watch..
clothes ? ehem2..didnt u just bought a new suit?
handbag? do u even wear a handbag?hahaha...

the list does goes on..
but to save time,i've shorten it to just 3..
can i gv u sumtin out from ur wish list dear???
alaaa..ble la..
its the thought thats counts aite?

may all your dreams come true..
love u much!!