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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ibunda!!

hmmm..lets start blogging again wif celebrating ibu's birthday!
which is on 24th june
i know,i know..its been waaaay back..but,bear wif me kay..

jus a simple celebration
coz ibu n baba got to work dat day..
weekday maa..
so me n nani shopped all over jb trying to find the perfect gift
for her..

u see..still in her uniform..

mango tango from SC..
hate the deco..
the original cake which is plain on top is far more beautifull than dis..
but the cake was 4 thumbs up!
( if im a mutant wif 2 extras thumb!..hehe)

baba said "ape la tls abh sponsor.."

ibu cutting her cake...

opening her prezie..
which nani dgn sengalnye wrap in a bright pink wrapper..

me n nani kol this bro..abg kantoi..
coz he kept saying.."keluarkn kek skrg ke?"
wen we oledi told him to tk out the cake when the drinks arrivd..

n lastly..our pic..ahaha
we both oso wanna tayang muke gak wat..


Q said...

adoi...tgelak lak pulak tgk muka makcik sendri..hahahahahaih...last picture.....6 thumbs down!

nadia.H said...

ko dh bpe lame xtgk mkcik2 ko?
derhake nye ank sedare!
gmbr last,org knn tu paling cun & comel skali k dlm dunia..hehehe