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Monday, August 24, 2009

thank you ibu!!

I woke up last wed morning
wif this at my table
(thank you soo much ibu!!! )
my second 1 actually..
got a sad story behind the 1st one..huhu..
nway,was so happy and still am..
i tot ibu dont remember that i asked for this before..
and i dont even think dat i got a slight chance to get a new one..
i mean,once u lost it..den pndi2 la beli sndr..huhu

plus its in burgundy
my last one was grey..
i do asked for purple..hehe
but,wat the heck..
it still pretty rite?
shud name it later on..

n jus hoping that it will stayed wif me till the day im retiring


SaLiNa said...

Hmm.. kene bg name ekk? naper doc sy x penah bg name pun? hehe..

nadia.H said...

hehehe..mesti2..coz mine waaaayyyy cuter den his..hahaha...

p/s:pls dun tell him dat..

Q said...

haih...da tua bangke pun harapkan ibu...nenek ros kawen nnt ade x???

nadia.H said...

dh2 la jeles tu....hahahaa!!!
xde la.angh blk 2/9 ni..sobsob..nk duit raye wei!