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Monday, May 25, 2009

protectors update

abg jemah dh masuk merisik deqno..
she's going to do her master's at UPSI
happy for her ~_~

salina oledi going to meeting
waaahhhh..sgt2 teruja wen she said
"gtg,got meeting"
sgt2 kagum wif her...

nana taking a nice free time @ home
mybe bljr msk
jd baby sitter
grrrr..envy her =p

piah myb still going for interview
but i know she will alwys lepak @ her fav coffee bean
good for her =)

anis oren
still got one more shot sem to go
yay for her!
chaiyo2!!mari kite bersame sme berusaha!!
go ANIS go!

nik & kirin..
hmm..dunno wat happen to them.
they started working,i know dat
but wateva they do,
i'll always be there for them....

changing to exam mode
going to evening cycle
man..its not going to be easy for this coming month...
wish me luck ye.....

bile anda rasa bosan...

bile anda rasa bosan
siapakah manusia yg akan anda cari??
utk aku,aside beskut yg rsnye dh pnt thp karma nk lyn aku
( terpakse lyn sbb dh name pun makwe..ahahaha)
aku pilih adik kesayangan ku utk ms ini
jeng jeng jeng!!!

nour fadhilah abdul hanan!!!


teguhkan la hatimu ye adik ku
musim2 exm ni mmg thp kesengalan/ke"cun"nan akk mu ini
ter lebey lebey thpnye
so lyn kn je la ye..


owh,aku ade adk lg sorg..tp die tu xble hrp.bahaye baek dgn die.
kecik2 dh kaki kikis.dulu2 die kikis aku bli bkln gegula die.
dh bsr sket die kikis mntk bli barbie plak.skrg dh pndi mntk hp,psp,baju
dan seangkatan dgn nye..and aku pun dgn sengal nye selalu je nk blikn.
syg la kunun...cet,tak tau di sblk muke cutenye itu,ade kesotongan yg tersembunyi.
blk ni kene teguhkn ati!jgn lyn bdk sotong tu!fight-ooo!!

p/s: ko xnk lyn,angh xnk bwk blk buku cite!
owh..seronoknye jd akk ni...>_<

Saturday, May 23, 2009

my "berangan" list >_<

its not my wish list..
its my berangan list..hehe
well,if xdpt nk bli,den dpt berangan pun ok la kn?
ok,here goes..

iphone 3g 16 gb by apple in black....waaaaa.....

sony vaio p laptop in red....oohhhh.....

kitchen aid stand mixer in red/pink/purple...awwwww....

all cook books by Alton Brown's.....yuuummmmmmm..

lifetime supplies of make up from beneFits......uuuuuuuuuuuuuu....(nada gedix pls..)

owh...bes nye if sume ni jd come true...
ade sesape yg bek ati anyone?hehehe...

p/s: entry ini khas utk BESKUT...niceeee....


spring still here in moscow
despite cold winds,cloudy rainy skies,
actually i kinda like these kind of weather
cold yet unslippery road..

any how,bes x my new templates?
uuuuu...suke sakura sgt2!!!!!

cepat la smpi bln 7!!!!!

whats that in the box??

this week hv been really2 good to me..
after all the hardships ( seyesly??wat hardship?? =p )

nway,few months back i've bought sumtin from ebay..
man...waiting sure is the hardest part
it supposed to arrive after 1 week but
after a month,i've lost all my hope..
but today suddennly it arrived!!!

the big brown box..

the postage slip
jeng jeng jeng.......

cute rite?? i've been waiting & wanting & dreaming for soooooo long
dat when they actually here,i just couldnt mk up my mind...

i know,i know..sum of u will say..laa..tu je ke??
xkshla..asalkn aku gumbira....

oh,i even got a free gift!xksh la..anytin free,is gud for me..

at 1st jus nk bli cookie monster je,
but then the price is 1 cake pan = 3 cake pan
baik bli je 3,3 rite?hehehe..
so now,got to find time to try and bake using these babies...
owh..such happy day~~~

Thursday, May 14, 2009

bile dh xde keje

love dis pic..dunno y 
aside from the blur,uncentered,bad lighting
cube teka gmbr ni ktne?

cube korg teka..meow ni bgn or tgh tdo?

yep..tgh tdo.
its creepy coz die tdo dgn mate terbukak..
1st few days mmg confusing gak la..
the only way to know yg die tgh tdo is she jus stay still..
if she's awake..jgn hrp la nk dpt gmbr jelas mcm tu..hehe

i've been brain storming a suitable name for her..
its been 3weeks oledi,but still no name dat i feel suit for her..
ok,here is the name list dat we've come up so far...
  1. moi ( sbb koi/faris yg jmpe n their kucing name roi )
  2. hanjing ( lets not talked about dis..haha)
  3. Ashan ( name supermarket??seyes?? )
  4. fatima ( thx to rajiv kwn adik )
  5. siti tempe ( beskut ckp if x ltk siti,xbes )
  6. elmo ( tp die xmerah..)
  7. chibi ( tp die x kecik..)
  8. meoh ( sbb meow dh comon sgt )
but so far die respon wen i called her elmo,chibi,meow or simply cit,cit,cit..
anymore idea any1??

Massad 09

This event tk place a couple weeks before
Its our annually event,which being conduct by 2nd year student from that year.i dunno what else to say..hehehe..
just tgk je gmbr2 k..

being held at Radisson Hotel,which is the same hotel where Tan Sri  Mahathir stayed when visiting moscow.

the guys..left:wani..right : beskut,shazli

us at the lobby

amey..shud have won fashion icon for male!

gile heppy beskut..ish3...

massad o9 banner

at the hall..kerusi die gile best..

azman,our RMSA presiden giving his speech

En.Azman on behalf of our Ambassador..yup,his name oso Azman..

majlis upacara pukul gong ( drum??!!) 

some of the performances..

the audiences..

our table...

tesla coil..gile rawk dieorg ni!!

i think dats all..
boy...talked about lazy....huuu...
haven't really got time to update my blog...
busy?? ( nah.... )
got nothing to say? ( probably...)
lazy? ( oh yes!definitely!! )

anyway..jus wanna wish my gurls gud luck for the next path in life.
some been working already.some still having interviews.some still got 1 more short sem to go.some enjoying their carefree life at home.some have oledi talked about marriage and some..well,i dont quite know what happened wif the last "some"..
(anyone tau wat's up wif deqno??)

man..im so bumped out lately that i even turn to seven shades of green of jealousy..hahaha..envy2..u all already finish wif ur student phase in life while im stil stuck here alone and lonely...huhuhu..yup,life can be soooo damn cruel sometimes..

anyway,just good luck wif watever it is dat ur doing now..
missing u gurls sooo much!!!!