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Saturday, May 23, 2009

whats that in the box??

this week hv been really2 good to me..
after all the hardships ( seyesly??wat hardship?? =p )

nway,few months back i've bought sumtin from ebay..
man...waiting sure is the hardest part
it supposed to arrive after 1 week but
after a month,i've lost all my hope..
but today suddennly it arrived!!!

the big brown box..

the postage slip
jeng jeng jeng.......

cute rite?? i've been waiting & wanting & dreaming for soooooo long
dat when they actually here,i just couldnt mk up my mind...

i know,i know..sum of u will say..laa..tu je ke??
xkshla..asalkn aku gumbira....

oh,i even got a free gift!xksh la..anytin free,is gud for me..

at 1st jus nk bli cookie monster je,
but then the price is 1 cake pan = 3 cake pan
baik bli je 3,3 rite?hehehe..
so now,got to find time to try and bake using these babies...
owh..such happy day~~~