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Thursday, May 14, 2009

cube korg teka..meow ni bgn or tgh tdo?

yep..tgh tdo.
its creepy coz die tdo dgn mate terbukak..
1st few days mmg confusing gak la..
the only way to know yg die tgh tdo is she jus stay still..
if she's awake..jgn hrp la nk dpt gmbr jelas mcm tu..hehe

i've been brain storming a suitable name for her..
its been 3weeks oledi,but still no name dat i feel suit for her..
ok,here is the name list dat we've come up so far...
  1. moi ( sbb koi/faris yg jmpe n their kucing name roi )
  2. hanjing ( lets not talked about dis..haha)
  3. Ashan ( name supermarket??seyes?? )
  4. fatima ( thx to rajiv kwn adik )
  5. siti tempe ( beskut ckp if x ltk siti,xbes )
  6. elmo ( tp die xmerah..)
  7. chibi ( tp die x kecik..)
  8. meoh ( sbb meow dh comon sgt )
but so far die respon wen i called her elmo,chibi,meow or simply cit,cit,cit..
anymore idea any1??


nadia.H said...

ooo...dh tmbh 1 lg dlm name list :

- walabis..

kinda cute gak kn?hahaha..