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Thursday, May 14, 2009

haven't really got time to update my blog...
busy?? ( nah.... )
got nothing to say? ( probably...)
lazy? ( oh yes!definitely!! )

anyway..jus wanna wish my gurls gud luck for the next path in life.
some been working already.some still having interviews.some still got 1 more short sem to go.some enjoying their carefree life at home.some have oledi talked about marriage and some..well,i dont quite know what happened wif the last "some"..
(anyone tau wat's up wif deqno??)

man..im so bumped out lately that i even turn to seven shades of green of jealousy..hahaha..envy2..u all already finish wif ur student phase in life while im stil stuck here alone and lonely...huhuhu..yup,life can be soooo damn cruel sometimes..

anyway,just good luck wif watever it is dat ur doing now..
missing u gurls sooo much!!!!