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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Massad 09

This event tk place a couple weeks before
Its our annually event,which being conduct by 2nd year student from that year.i dunno what else to say..hehehe..
just tgk je gmbr2 k..

being held at Radisson Hotel,which is the same hotel where Tan Sri  Mahathir stayed when visiting moscow.

the guys..left:wani..right : beskut,shazli

us at the lobby

amey..shud have won fashion icon for male!

gile heppy beskut..ish3...

massad o9 banner

at the hall..kerusi die gile best..

azman,our RMSA presiden giving his speech

En.Azman on behalf of our Ambassador..yup,his name oso Azman..

majlis upacara pukul gong ( drum??!!) 

some of the performances..

the audiences..

our table...

tesla coil..gile rawk dieorg ni!!

i think dats all..
boy...talked about lazy....huuu...