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Monday, May 25, 2009

protectors update

abg jemah dh masuk merisik deqno..
she's going to do her master's at UPSI
happy for her ~_~

salina oledi going to meeting
waaahhhh..sgt2 teruja wen she said
"gtg,got meeting"
sgt2 kagum wif her...

nana taking a nice free time @ home
mybe bljr msk
jd baby sitter
grrrr..envy her =p

piah myb still going for interview
but i know she will alwys lepak @ her fav coffee bean
good for her =)

anis oren
still got one more shot sem to go
yay for her!
chaiyo2!!mari kite bersame sme berusaha!!
go ANIS go!

nik & kirin..
hmm..dunno wat happen to them.
they started working,i know dat
but wateva they do,
i'll always be there for them....

changing to exam mode
going to evening cycle
man..its not going to be easy for this coming month...
wish me luck ye.....


Salina said...

haha.. good luck gil in ur study.. dh exam week tu, study lar... not asyik berangan n serve net tgk baju lar.. handbeg lar.. nnt i nak buat wish list.. hehe.. ~~SALINA CONVO WISH LIST....~~~ :P

Salina said...

sorry.. deqno bkn upsi.. is usim.. hehe..

nurainaakabil said...

hahaha..thanx dear..all da best to u too..

me xtau la nk ape..ikot ur budget la..ktorg rmi kot..bankrupt kang..simple2 sudah..survee tros dr sana..hhaha..aku X demand paper pn..anything from u is fine enough..