..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gee's cupcake

ohaiyo gozaimas minna san!
hehehe..nway,ni gmbr cupkek dat i baked for gee's besday
which oso the same day wif my besday!
yeah!december baby mmg rawk!!


okes2..i know u guys bored already with food pictures
but,i just cant help it..
its too cute...aww...

last day of the year

wow! time does fly..

my new year's resolution?
entahla..be more positive i guess?
that's my last year resolution,and yet..look where i am today..
still a mess!

later i'll upload more pics k.

its freezing cold & snow storm lately
make it impossible for me to tk pictures
just a few snaps,and my hand already hurt
oh yeah,reminder to own self..
please wear a proper winter attire
gloves & scarf is a MUST!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

selamat hari lahir nadia...

ari ni besday aku..
tb2 terase tua..
lg 6 thn,aku akn berumur 30 thn..

even umur ade angka 2 kt dpn pun,still rs mcm xcaye..
aku rs aku hanya makin tua
tp xpernah jd dewasa..

sgt kenyang mkn kek!
dpt 3 besday kek!
one i bake for myself
one beskut bake for me...( ain't he sweet..hehe)
one from adk..
tq everyone!
for the wishes and happy thought
and gift!
luv ya all!!


yep,kami bru lps parti..mkn kek smpi xtermampu lg..bes2.. girlemoticon

Friday, December 25, 2009

chocolate inside out cupcakes

a cupcake with out a frosting,is just a muffin.

pls say ooooo....

and now please say aaaaahh...

hehehe rabbitemoticon

please bake these...its so yummy that im too afraid to eat em..
( is it make any sense?) lol..
anyway,i got the recipe from martha stewart
i dont really like her,but the recipe is simple to make
and delish!

and i really need to learn about photographing food.
anyone can teach me how to get the bokeh effect?
mine end up blur in the front,but focus at the back..

huhu rabbitemoticon


i shud write sumtin more ilmiah in my blog
not just some random thoughts
or complaining bout sumtin .

any thoughts on dis?

p/s:yeah,i highlighted my typo.utk mereka yg bekerja sbgi spell checker,sile la betulkan...


Thursday, December 24, 2009


soo many plans...
soo little time...
paling penting...
soo xde budget!!


ne satu nih?

yg plng penting.im stuck here in frozen wonderland.
miss the sound of waves,sand on my feet,hot sunshines on my face.
here i got either solid ice or mud slushies..yuks!

reminder to myself : ayah ko bkn billionaire.bljr btul2.jgn duk sebok pk nk holiday jer!

yeah,i complain,bitching a lot in my blog..well..sape suh ko bace?


Sunday, December 20, 2009

dont read this..just mumbling to myself...

orang beriman memuliakan tetamu..
( article from myMetro)
i know that.
dont get me wrong
i love having guests
coz than i get a chance to feed em
hehehe...believe me..
no body ever leave my room/house on empty stomach..

but what to do with people whose keep coming EVERYDAY
until 4 - 5 am ( more if u didn't make up any excuses,reasons for them to leave)
and then banging ur door on 3pm the next day
and if you didnt open it
they buzz you through ym
called ur phone many times
msg u asking your whereabout
if u dont pick up,they msg/kol ur bf/gf plak
and to top it of,said "oh,ur home"
through fb's chatbox coz it appears
that u "online"..
and it start all over again...

than,all ur foods gone when they leave
u'll have to cook again to feed urself
and they come again an hour later
and u being a good tuan rumah
politely offer them the foods
and the cycle goes on..

even ur tid-bits is not safe anymore
no chocolates,or chips,or cookies.
even if u just bought a bottle of 2 liters coke
gone within hours
sometimes 2 bottles
and this time
they just helped themselves
to whatever they like
and they like EVERYTHING!

sometimes u allready set up a dinner for ur love one
but then sum1 knocked on the door
one of u expecting someone
and once the door opens
there he/she is
ur dinner got cold
or either u'll end up eating alone
coz ur bf/gf hv to eat with the "guest"
normal people would leave when they saw a set up table
but,no..not them..
they want to join in
and never leave


oh,they joy of living in hostel....
pls..i'll trade up anything rather than this!!


remember this picture?
this moment?
this memories?
those smiles?

this is what happiness means right?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Giving Gift 101....the good and the bad

today beskut asked me bout my wishlists..
thats why i loveee december soo much!
december is a month of giving & recieving =)
i've got lots of friends and family whose birthday is in december
meaning many wishes and gifts to be given
and vice versa..hoho

i love giving people presents.and i do hope they like receiving it.coz i put much thought onto each gift to make it as personal,useable,thoughtful and memorable for them.

eg: like my litle sis nani si sotong.she loves ROXY.she needs a new pair of slippers. and its her birthday...
so i gv her a roxy slipper as her birthday present..it combines all the characteristics that i've mentioned above, rite?

and i hate it when people give me something that i cant use..like a music box,or a teddy bear,..its nice at first,but then it only gonna sit still collecting dust.no offense..but better a rm1 brooch than a rm20 teddy bear..but,sometimes im a useless junk giver myself..haha..Oppss...

and if i do hate the useless things that people gv me.i still keep em.coz sometimes they are nice to look at.its a piece of memory from our past life..no matter what..

if someone really do hate my gift for them..someting that i allready gave soo much thought,well,granted... maybe it's just some stupid t-shirt or a globe filled with stupid snow flakes..and they gv it to someone else and even tell me about it?!my question to them is:


lets forget the fact that it cost me a lot of $$$..just think about it..as a HUMAN BEING (normal) don't you felt insulted,or angry if someone else does something like that to you?i bet you will...

and these are for someone who i believe that has NEVER EVER gave me anything at all,yet i never fail to gv her something everytime im come back from moscow.OR even wish me on my birthday,or goodluck for my exam,at all...

sometimes...being too self-centered is not good for you.
do you know that?

well..i know Russia is a blerghh country compared to Aussie ke,Uk ke..so a souvi from here is also blerghh..but still..a gift is a gift..treasure it or at least just keep it.Dont gv it to others...EVER!!

i'm tired of trying to be nice to people who don't even appreciate..coz it ends up making me feel like a fool.keep treating your friends like trash..sooner or later,you'll have non..oh,i forgot..you wouldn't mind that..after all,people always love you rite?

seriously?I'M DONE!!

p/s: please be piss out as much as u like..coz believe me..what u r feeling,is lesser than what i'm feeling right now.ciao..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BeneFit Haul

im so happy rite now dat make me speechless
anyone who wanna buy make up for a low - low price
do check up dis site
they even include free shipping world wide
as for me..santa comes early this year!

Betty Brushes..1 thing from my wish list..yippe!!

she laq..heart the box..kawaii!!

BeneFit bronzer and highlight...double yippee!!

and a free gift if u bought more than 25$
snow flakes pendant..cute aite?
i just heart beneFit!!

and the temp keep dropping

today its -26 celcius
and first time since i came here
i wore a long john!
adeiii...now gatal2 xhengat..haha

moscow is officially a frozen land

yesterday its -19 celcius
today its -24 celcius
fly me sumwhere tropical
so i can complaint bout the heat plak..

Monday, December 14, 2009

special for abbo

im sad
coz i cant be in malaysia for my besfren's wedding
which i always thought i'll be by her side
on her most happy day..
but im soo happy for her at the same time
for all the things that she's been through
the end seem like a happy ending.
and thank you laling for wanting me to be your pengapit..
i'm honoured!
maybe i can be ur pengapit thru web cam?

we goes back a long time
our dads were friend with each other
us were friend with each other
and hopefully,our children will be friend with each other..
our birthday also only 2 days apart
yep..im glad we hv each other all this time

so abbo laling,
congratulations on your wedding day
you may feel like you're not ready
you may feel like you're afraid
( haha..as if i know..)
but its a wonderful thing
you'll be the prettiest bride i've seen
and the happiest gurl will be..

i lurve u babe!

p/s:pls bgtau awk nk ape utk wedding gift..hehe

yummy yogurt yake...(cake)

13th December..
means so much to me
13/12 is baba's birthday
13/12 is nenek's birthday
13/12 is ucu's birthday
13/12 is anis's birthday
so this cake is dedicated to all of them
with all my loves,hugs and kisses..

my phone camera didn't do any justice for this cake..
but you still can see the light pinkish fluffy cake aite?
me and my pink obsession..

anyway,for a non baker person
i think this cake is just for ya
just add everything up together
mix it well,bake it and boom!
you got a room smell so wonderful and the cake of course..haha..
plus you can make it any flavor you want..

here is the recipe :

1 pot of yogurt ( any flavour,i used strawberry)
2 pots of sugar
3 pots of flour
1/2 pot of oil ( i used sunflower)
2 tsp of baking powder
2 eggs
some red food coloring

- as i said before,mix everything together,mix it well,bake on preheat 180 c oven,cool it before spread some jam on top of it..easy aite?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

HAPPY BESDAY OREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Nurainaa Kabilmirhabi,
Happy XXth Birthday To You!
Keep on rawking like you always do by being ur self
hope i can wrap McDreamy and post it to you..
tp xble plak kan..
so,no prezent for u la yer..
Lurve u babe!

xoxo ..

pink,pink and more pink

my new keyboard..
pink lover out there..
jeles x anda?

pink speaker..check!
pink key board.. check!
now...lets wait for pink monitor plak...
im such a pinky bitch!

sleepy head

gaye baru coco jumbo tdo petang..
sungguh xsopan la meow..

Friday, December 11, 2009

ape ek?

i cant sleep & bored..got many things to do but no desire to do it at all..all im thinking is this little evil voices inside my head urging me to watch movie,facebooking & demmit!out of all times,why only now did i'm in the mood to blog??!!so bare with me for a moment k..hehe

ya,for anis..the "little evil voices inside my head" tu,one of em is yours..haha..ur voice keep saying..."nadiah...blk xmas ni pls......" demm u!!how can i say no to dat??hahahaha!!!
im honored wif her recent post..well aside from LOL non stop reading her tales..haha..seyesly la nis..just TALK to him oledi!!!haa,xpun paskn ubt + vit pd kwn2 die yg bek dgn ko,suh pas ke die...bernas x idea aku?hehehe...

so sorry la coz our chatting time xsame..demm dis greenwhich time!haha..aku blk klas,aku mndi n tdo..by the time aku bgn,ko plk dh tdo mlm..tnggu la yer,aku dh bribe adik aku smlm,suh die pujuk mak aku utk bg green lite bg blk mesia..mari la kite berdoa sesame..amin...

im getting sleepy.
till we've meet again..

fall in moscow

i know its too late to post this
coz its winter oledi..haha..
jus enjoy it for now k..
coz after dis,all my pic wil be covered in snow...
literally... ┐(´ー`)┌

park in front of our hostel

green green tree by the road..

its only beginning of fall

lurveeeeeeeeeee dis pic..
rainbow at the end..prsn x?
yeah...moscow not that bad after all..

its all about food

i love to bake
egg tarts

banana oat muffins

i love to cook


i love veggies

i love grilling


hehe...talk about obsession eh?

Monday, December 7, 2009

morning in moscow

from my open window....

morning sky

left view

right view

cantik kn?

home sick home <3

im kinda home sick rite now..
so here's some pic of my lil sis
believe it or not
i do love them..(huh!)
and hanging out wif them
but bahaye kuar dgn mereka ni..
suke amek kesempatan!!
seb bek akk mereka cun n bek ati...

mane adik mane akk?hurm....

no,im not just posing..i do played pool..its just a matter of gud or not..and im ??haha...SUCK!!

oso,we go bawling bowling a lot...notice the ball?cube teka it end up ktne...
( sotong in action )

and watching muvies..sorry no other pics..
photographer ialah seekor sotong
so all pics come out blur

yeah..i miss em a lot rite now...

Лебединое Озеро ( Lebedinoye Ozero)

tibe2 ade mood nk berblogging
jus random pics when i went to watch swan lake months ago

o.t.w to bus stop
classic car
metro biblioteka imi lenina/arbatskaya