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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BeneFit Haul

im so happy rite now dat make me speechless
anyone who wanna buy make up for a low - low price
do check up dis site
they even include free shipping world wide
as for me..santa comes early this year!

Betty Brushes..1 thing from my wish list..yippe!!

she laq..heart the box..kawaii!!

BeneFit bronzer and highlight...double yippee!!

and a free gift if u bought more than 25$
snow flakes pendant..cute aite?
i just heart beneFit!!


nurainaakabil said...

murah ek nadia???blh aku pesan :))))

nadia.H said...

murah2...sile la beli..aku dh agk ko pn nk bli..haha