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Sunday, December 20, 2009

dont read this..just mumbling to myself...

orang beriman memuliakan tetamu..
( article from myMetro)
i know that.
dont get me wrong
i love having guests
coz than i get a chance to feed em
hehehe...believe me..
no body ever leave my room/house on empty stomach..

but what to do with people whose keep coming EVERYDAY
until 4 - 5 am ( more if u didn't make up any excuses,reasons for them to leave)
and then banging ur door on 3pm the next day
and if you didnt open it
they buzz you through ym
called ur phone many times
msg u asking your whereabout
if u dont pick up,they msg/kol ur bf/gf plak
and to top it of,said "oh,ur home"
through fb's chatbox coz it appears
that u "online"..
and it start all over again...

than,all ur foods gone when they leave
u'll have to cook again to feed urself
and they come again an hour later
and u being a good tuan rumah
politely offer them the foods
and the cycle goes on..

even ur tid-bits is not safe anymore
no chocolates,or chips,or cookies.
even if u just bought a bottle of 2 liters coke
gone within hours
sometimes 2 bottles
and this time
they just helped themselves
to whatever they like
and they like EVERYTHING!

sometimes u allready set up a dinner for ur love one
but then sum1 knocked on the door
one of u expecting someone
and once the door opens
there he/she is
ur dinner got cold
or either u'll end up eating alone
coz ur bf/gf hv to eat with the "guest"
normal people would leave when they saw a set up table
but,no..not them..
they want to join in
and never leave


oh,they joy of living in hostel....
pls..i'll trade up anything rather than this!!