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Monday, December 7, 2009

home sick home <3

im kinda home sick rite now..
so here's some pic of my lil sis
believe it or not
i do love them..(huh!)
and hanging out wif them
but bahaye kuar dgn mereka ni..
suke amek kesempatan!!
seb bek akk mereka cun n bek ati...

mane adik mane akk?hurm....

no,im not just posing..i do played pool..its just a matter of gud or not..and im ??haha...SUCK!!

oso,we go bawling bowling a lot...notice the ball?cube teka it end up ktne...
( sotong in action )

and watching muvies..sorry no other pics..
photographer ialah seekor sotong
so all pics come out blur

yeah..i miss em a lot rite now...