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Monday, December 14, 2009

yummy yogurt yake...(cake)

13th December..
means so much to me
13/12 is baba's birthday
13/12 is nenek's birthday
13/12 is ucu's birthday
13/12 is anis's birthday
so this cake is dedicated to all of them
with all my loves,hugs and kisses..

my phone camera didn't do any justice for this cake..
but you still can see the light pinkish fluffy cake aite?
me and my pink obsession..

anyway,for a non baker person
i think this cake is just for ya
just add everything up together
mix it well,bake it and boom!
you got a room smell so wonderful and the cake of course..haha..
plus you can make it any flavor you want..

here is the recipe :

1 pot of yogurt ( any flavour,i used strawberry)
2 pots of sugar
3 pots of flour
1/2 pot of oil ( i used sunflower)
2 tsp of baking powder
2 eggs
some red food coloring

- as i said before,mix everything together,mix it well,bake on preheat 180 c oven,cool it before spread some jam on top of it..easy aite?