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Friday, December 18, 2009

Giving Gift 101....the good and the bad

today beskut asked me bout my wishlists..
thats why i loveee december soo much!
december is a month of giving & recieving =)
i've got lots of friends and family whose birthday is in december
meaning many wishes and gifts to be given
and vice versa..hoho

i love giving people presents.and i do hope they like receiving it.coz i put much thought onto each gift to make it as personal,useable,thoughtful and memorable for them.

eg: like my litle sis nani si sotong.she loves ROXY.she needs a new pair of slippers. and its her birthday...
so i gv her a roxy slipper as her birthday present..it combines all the characteristics that i've mentioned above, rite?

and i hate it when people give me something that i cant use..like a music box,or a teddy bear,..its nice at first,but then it only gonna sit still collecting dust.no offense..but better a rm1 brooch than a rm20 teddy bear..but,sometimes im a useless junk giver myself..haha..Oppss...

and if i do hate the useless things that people gv me.i still keep em.coz sometimes they are nice to look at.its a piece of memory from our past life..no matter what..

if someone really do hate my gift for them..someting that i allready gave soo much thought,well,granted... maybe it's just some stupid t-shirt or a globe filled with stupid snow flakes..and they gv it to someone else and even tell me about it?!my question to them is:


lets forget the fact that it cost me a lot of $$$..just think about it..as a HUMAN BEING (normal) don't you felt insulted,or angry if someone else does something like that to you?i bet you will...

and these are for someone who i believe that has NEVER EVER gave me anything at all,yet i never fail to gv her something everytime im come back from moscow.OR even wish me on my birthday,or goodluck for my exam,at all...

sometimes...being too self-centered is not good for you.
do you know that?

well..i know Russia is a blerghh country compared to Aussie ke,Uk ke..so a souvi from here is also blerghh..but still..a gift is a gift..treasure it or at least just keep it.Dont gv it to others...EVER!!

i'm tired of trying to be nice to people who don't even appreciate..coz it ends up making me feel like a fool.keep treating your friends like trash..sooner or later,you'll have non..oh,i forgot..you wouldn't mind that..after all,people always love you rite?

seriously?I'M DONE!!

p/s: please be piss out as much as u like..coz believe me..what u r feeling,is lesser than what i'm feeling right now.ciao..


SaLiNa said...

wow! gil.. wat happen?

nadia.H said...

just angry wif people who doesnt appreciate things that i given her..if u hate it,at least hv a courtesy to NOT telling me dat u hate the gift rite?dont give it to someone else.

nurainaakabil said...

ahaaaahahahahaahhahahahahahaahahaha..nie nk gelak panjang nie..cm tau je sapa :)))))

btw dah die cm tuh..Xpat bendung dah prangai cm tuh..let him/her b la macikk..ltr when ppl do that to them, then they'll kno how it feels..besides sile jgn bazir duit anda tuk die..baik bli kn aku seketol dua Russian doll yg comel2 itu :D

aku nk g bali ngan nik..mari join~~!!! :D

nadia.H said...

aku rs sume tau,tp xnk ckp pape..n die pun tau tp wat2 xtau..or just simply wat2 xtau..lantak la..asal aku dh puas ati..haha

aku mmg kejam skrg..

xde ongkos la..ko blnje flight tix aa..ehehe..xmo kedekut!