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Monday, December 14, 2009

special for abbo

im sad
coz i cant be in malaysia for my besfren's wedding
which i always thought i'll be by her side
on her most happy day..
but im soo happy for her at the same time
for all the things that she's been through
the end seem like a happy ending.
and thank you laling for wanting me to be your pengapit..
i'm honoured!
maybe i can be ur pengapit thru web cam?

we goes back a long time
our dads were friend with each other
us were friend with each other
and hopefully,our children will be friend with each other..
our birthday also only 2 days apart
yep..im glad we hv each other all this time

so abbo laling,
congratulations on your wedding day
you may feel like you're not ready
you may feel like you're afraid
( haha..as if i know..)
but its a wonderful thing
you'll be the prettiest bride i've seen
and the happiest gurl will be..

i lurve u babe!

p/s:pls bgtau awk nk ape utk wedding gift..hehe