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Thursday, August 20, 2009


ok,i got my self a pair of crocs
bought it from a non - crocs - store..
which the sales boy said to me
this is the original limited edition..
when i asked him
how come its so dam cheap?
after i asked him,izit ori or not??
29.90 for a pair for crocs?
come on la..
ckp je la limited imitation...
but i stil bought it coz its hard to find a crimson crocs in jb
plus,who noes whether its ori or not..hehe...

a closer view

an upper view

n tapak view..so any1 who own an ori crocs,go grab ur shoes now,n compare it to mine!!

so now u noe my secret....keep it hush k!!
or i'll hunt u down...


Q said...

oit! same la kite! act dunno la its true or not...tp org ckp crocs yg murah ni act barang crocs yg kene reject..and lg 1 org ckp ni crocs lari tax...so?

nadia.H said...

laaa..boy pe de gak ke?ahaha..xkesah aa..pki je.bkn org tau pun ktenye ori ke x..angh g cek kt kdi croc,sepesen je tgk..hahaha..tp diam2 aa..angh rhsiakn boy nye,boy rhsiakn angh nye..deal eh!