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Friday, January 14, 2011

wet tissue dilemma

i hate removing my make up after a very long day
so the solutions would be using a wet tissues
currently im using elianto and pureen.
yes,i know pureen is baby wipes.
but heck,what good for babies butt,is gud enuf for my face!hahahaha...

both work pretty well
can be used to remove lipstick,mascara,eye shadows,and even 2 layers of foundations..
both are alcohol free
doesn't cause any break up or irritation on my skin
most important thing,easy to use for a lazy dame like me... >,

but the catch is,the elianto cost me rm12 for 30 sheets..petty decent price ain't it?
the pureen one? rm 4.20 for 2packs! so,total 60 sheets..
being a stingy3 gurl rite now..of coz i opt for the cheaper one..
hehehe..of coz its up to you.
once i gedix try using make up cleansing tissue from mac.
hurmm..lets just say.dat part of my life..would never happen again..hehehe
so its your choice peeps!
happy soping!