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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Iphone trick

Hye peeps!

Just wanna share something that i just discovered recently..it happened when i tried to force shut down my iphone coz its frozen..(urghh..hate it when that happened..)

So i pressed the home and off button like always,but suddenly there's the "kachak" sound..u know..the sound that iphone makes when you use the camera..yesss...that sound...hehe..

Anyway,im curious coz i didn't even use my camera at that time,so i checked my camera roll..turns out,if u press the home & off button on the same time real quick,like 1sec,iphone will tk a picture of your screen..maybe its your springboard,or your wall picture..( depends on wat u hv on ur screen dat time) pretty neat huh?

I dont know if there's any benefit from it,but yeah..still..they didnt even mention it in their manual book..hehe..

Just sharing it with you guys..gv it a try k!it put a smile on my face,hope it put one on yours too..

Heppy tuesday everyone! \(^_^)/

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