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Saturday, July 18, 2009

jus a piece of my mind...

anis hv updated her blog bout out recent rafting trip..
so rajin la dat gurl
hoping that i oso could be like her
full of energy all the time..
mesti die pki btry energizer sbnrnye..
aku pki btry korok2 je..
tu psl la jd mcm ni..

later la i write bout the trip
anis basicly dh cover all the stories
plus i got no pics wif me
i tot anis oledi copy it into my memory card
tp still xde...pelik2..hmmm....

nway,before ..anis asked me bout wat did i do in jb..
yala..beside from wk up at 10am onwards each monin..
( jgn tiru perlakuan ini ye adik2..hohoho..)
wk up,gettin ready for brunch either wif baba,or ibu,or both..
jd maid/drivers/baba's secretary ( opis boy ) / tukng byr bil itu ini..
lunch date either wif ucu/any of my frens / going to gym ( which is rare...dem...)
n all dis normally will end before magrib
den again as a driver,hv to sent my sis to tuisyen klas
go to anywhere dat i want or need to as her klas will end at 9.30
den diner wif whole fmly kat kdi.
blk umh,hv to angkat bj so dat tomorrow can sdi bj again..hohohoo..
n by this time..im flat oledi..

cant complain much
coz it still beats living in moscow
at least i dun hv to wear thick coat wif gloves n muffler
or winter boots,thick wool socks n carry super heavy bag
all around town.
or sweating like h**l in summer
using public transport wif no ekon n a thight shut windows..

huhuhuu..nmpk sgt la selame ni
aku xbersyukur dgn nikmat yg tuhan bagi..
betul la..
ujan batu di negeri orang..
ujan emas di negeri sendiri...

p/s: dem!dh terjangkit puan majistret nye penyakit..hohohohoh...


nurainaakabil said...

wahahahaha..macik sengal sorg nie..adoi hai..pengsan aku baca blog anda..

halo sister..got nothing to do kot at home..update le..Xda ek kt dlm memory card??cube cucuk pki card reader,..aku letak lua folder gmba..aku check ada..aiooh..

cube check if Xda nnti let me kno..aku burn kn okeh..hehehe..

Xda energizer nyer..sama je battery korok pn..hahaha..terbongkang je keja..asik dok ats katil khatamkn story books kt dlm umah nie..wahahahaha..

jgn weh..jgn dijangkit puan majistret nyer penyakit..hahaha..sengal die tuh..hahaha.. ;p

nadia.H said...

aaaaa...ade2..haha..soli2..wa cume cek dlm itu camera..tala cek itu memory kad..kekeke

xpe,aku dh abes tempoh jangkitan pn majistret.hehehe