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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dubai...new airport..

or better i say a new wings attached to the old 1
its spacious,sparkling and basicly all new..

at first,i tot nk tk tour around dubai while transit
but due to short transit hour,
H1N1 break,plus the prices for the tour...errr...
xpela..jln2 dlm epot pun jd la..

they even got a tree n air flowing2 kt dlm epot!

beskut tired face..
antara rela x rela kene pakse amek gmbr sesame..

uiii..bes nye kete ni...

p/s:im the 1 who asked him to act like he won the sweet2 car..

spending 5hours here is tolerable for me.
wif free wifi
easy to get halal foods
spacious resting chair
jus hope next time my flight will neva be delayed ever again!
hahaha..as if!


nurainaakabil said...

best gle dpt stop kt dubai..huhu

nadia.H said...

meh la join aku round europe next yer..sume tmpt kite stop..*winkwink*