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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bowl me over!

meeting wif the gurls is the highlight of my june trip to kl
shh..dun tell beskut i say dat..haha
but really..
every1 was so sweet..
takin their time of from works,
come jauh nun from penang & n9,
snggup stay @ uia dat nite
granted that the date was started late
but still havin a gud time!
we ate lunch at penang eatery..pity piah for the choices..
sowee dearie..=p
den go bowling at Ou mall
here they are..

too bad anis n nik cant make it..
anis was bz wif her papers
nik was workin till night
poor gurl..
but congrats to her dat she got a new job in pj!

me wif piah..
gurl,prsn x?we alwys shot a sweet pic together!

our names on the screen the "before" shots
the after shot..ahahaha..xpyh la tunjuk..

nana posing wif the bowling ball

deqno didnt play due to her wrist injury.
kirin was star of the game..
so kagum wif her..
all her throw either strike or left bout 2,3 pins only..
coz she win the game,we had her treat us an ice cream..
ahaha..jht sungguh kami2 ni sume..
n start from that moment..i got a bowlin' fever..


pieya_cute said...

yup dear..nice pic of us togather..
ak pun prasan..gambo kita 2 sure cun punya..hehe..njoy nmpk naik train???hehe..

nadia.H said...

hahahaha..enjoy2..mak aku amek kt train st senyum2 nk cover gelak.bpk aku dh xble cover dh..mmg gelak je non stop dr st smpi umh..huhu..nsb la kene delayed smpi mcm tu skali..