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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

which anime are you?

i hate it when i can't sleep
which is uncommon for me..hehe
but normally i've got things to do
or at least a book to read
but tonight,after a severe case of tossed & turned
i still cant bring my self to sleep..
sux big timeeeee...
so i decided to watch an anime
RUROUNI KENSHIN or samurai x
palong kept asking me to watch them
so,what the heck..

do you watch an anime?
still remember what is your 1st anime ever?
mine was CHOBITS.

my latest obsession?
that would be ONE PIECE!

my old time fevret?
hikaru no go
yakitate ( obviously )
lucky star ( wuhuu! )
ouran high school
initial d ( even its unlacked with handsme guys =p )
cooking master boy

my dislikes?
full metal alchemist..definitely full metal alchemist..
its too dark for my soul.. X_X

i love naruto and bleach in case you're wondering..but just the early seasons..hehe...